Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star Cast: Late Om Puri, Annu Kapoor, Sarika, Vinay Pathak, Brijendra Kala, Rajeev Singh, Kashish Vora, Ulka Gupta and Satish Kaushik (sutradhar/ narrator)

Director: Seema Kapoor

Mr. Kabaadi Movie Review: Senseless Script And Directionless Direction Spoil The Show Completely
Mr. Kabaadi Movie Review: Senseless Script And Directionless Direction Spoil The Show Completely

What’s Good: Absolutely nothing, except for the heartfelt emotions that arise looking at the late Om Puri Saab.

What’s Bad: Everything.

Loo Break: Practically… every second scene!

Watch or Not?: No way! Even if you are a die-hard fan of the late Om Puri, you will surely regret watching this film because of many factors.


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The film starts off amidst a dumping yard with the introduction of all the lead characters. Topping the list is Suhaag Raat Surma waala (the late Om Puri), Kallu (Annu Kapoor), his wife (Sarika) and their children. Kallu, who happens to be a scrap dealer (kabaadi) by profession, becomes rich overnight after he inherits the immense wealth of his late uncle.

The overnight richness changes not just his style and lifestyle, but also his attitude towards the other scrap dealers, whom he starts looking down upon like the plague. Even though he tries his best to look and behave like rich people, his ‘past’ continues to haunt him and taunt him at regular intervals. Adding to his woes is his son who refuses to give up his ‘flourishing’ toilet business and his daughter who falls in love with a guy from Manipur, much against his wishes.

In order to impress his future in laws, Kallu’s son lies to them about his profession by telling them that he runs a chain of restaurants. Hell breaks loose when his would-be father in law discovers not just his real profession, but also Kallu’s background. Do Kallu’s son get married to the girl of his choice, does Kallu change his attitude towards others and what happens to his son’s flourishing’ toilet business is what forms the film.

Mr. Kabaadi Movie Review
Mr. Kabaadi Movie Review

Mr. Kabaadi Review: Script Analysis

No sooner you see the film’s director cum script writer cum dialogue writer Seema Kapoor starting the film with a dumping yard, you are mentally assured of what lies in store ahead of the film. One really wonders as to what prompted her to make such a film, which has no head or tail and is sprinkled with an overdose of toilet humor (quite literally!). The way in which she has written the script of the film seems like a direct attack on the sense and logic of the viewers. There are many scenes which defy logic and will make you feel ‘What have I done to be tortured like this’ type of feeling. The film’s never-ending and extremely stretched first is as meaningless and seamless second half. The sad part about the film is that there is no single scene in the film that makes you feel proud about watching the film.

Mr. Kabaadi Review: Star Performance

Even though Mr. Kabaadi has been marketed as the late actor Om Puri’s last film, with due respect to the legendary actor, the fact remains that the film rides on the shoulders of the veteran actor Annu Kapoor right from the word go. Considering oodles of experience that Annu Kapoor has gained in the last years in Bollywood, one really wonders as to what must have triggered him to give his nod to do a film like this.

A classic gem of an actor like him is sorely wasted like nobody’s business. Ditto for the late Om Puri. The saving grace of the film is that Om Puri appears only in a cameo role. One can award a few brownie points to the film’s hero and heroine, who look promising. One does feel that they could have chosen a better script to make their Bollywood debut. The other actors in the film are just not worth mentioning. One really wonders as to why would seasoned actors like Vinay Pathak and Sarika look and behave either insane or is if they were kidnapped to do the role, much against their wishes! The one term that sums up everyone’s acting is ‘hammering your patience’. The side actors (background artists) are absolutely raw and come across amateurish.

Mr. Kabaadi Review: Direction, Music

As mentioned earlier, the film suffers from a ‘directionless direction’ at the hands of Seema Kapoor. There is nothing about the film that really registers in the minds of the viewer. The directorial flaws of the film are totally jarring and in-your-face. Besides the fact that the film is full of toilet humour, it also boasts of senseless dialogues galore.

As for the music, except for a couple of melodious tracks, the film’s music has absolutely no novelty to offer. There are even tracks in the film which seems totally forced into the film’s narrative. The ‘icing on the cake’ as far as torture is concerned is in the form of a man ‘howling’ at regular intervals in the form of the film’s ‘background music’.

Mr. Kabaadi Review: The Last Word

Except for the emotional connect with the film being the late Om Puri’s last film; the film has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to offer to the viewers. You can blindly avoid this film and can thank us in leisure for sparing you the torture.

Mr. Kabaadi Trailer

Mr. Kabaadi releases on 8th September, 2017.

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