Men Will Be Men is  about four bored office-going males chase a girl in Pattaya. That’s it. Read the entire review for more.

Business rating: 0.5 star

Cast: Rajesh Kumar, Rahil Tandon, Gaurav Chopra, Rohit Khurana, Zeenal Kamdar, Rajesh Khattar.

What’s Good: A few comic scenes; nothing else.

What’s Bad: The simplistic script; lack of any conflict, drama, emotions; the film ends before it starts.

Verdict: Men Will Be Men will find no takers.

Loo break: Hardly any because the film gets over before you can even make up your mind to leave!


Watch or Not? Watch, but don’t expect to be entertained.

Men Will Be Men Review (Men Will Be Men Movie Stills)
Men Will Be Men Movie Stills

Seagram’s Imperial Blue Superhits’ Men Will Be Men is the story of four office colleagues, who spend an eventful weekend holidaying in Pattaya, Thailand.

Bored with their mundane lives and daily booze sessions, four friends, who work in the same company, take off to Pattaya, Thailand for a weekend of fun and girls. They make up various stories and convince their boss (Rajesh Khattar) to give them a few days off. The four men have distinguishing characteristics: Preet (Rajesh Kumar) is the married guy, Bobby (Rahil Tandon) is the junior-most among them, Jimmy (Gaurav Chopra) is the Casanova and Sunder (Rohit Khurana) is a true friend. On reaching Pattaya, the four book an expensive suite in a hotel and start flirting with the hotel’s relationship manager, Deepa (Zeenal Kamdar). Instead of doing anything else, they decide to spend their time chasing Deepa. ‘May the best man win’ is their philosophy in all of them chasing one girl.

The centre of all their attention, Deepa, gets a feel of what the guys are up to and she plays along. The guys try to grab her attention by lying about themselves and degrading their buddies. They also end up spending a lot of money on her. But no one seems to be getting too close to her. Soon, Sunder and Preet have a fight over Deepa. But they immediately kiss and make up over a drink. Sad, but not broken, the men decide to leave when someone they were least expecting lands up in Pattaya. Who is this person? What about Deepa? The climax reveals the rest.

Men Will Be Men Review (Men Will Be Men Movie Stills)
Men Will Be Men Movie Stills

Story and Screenplay – Men Will Be Men Review

The script of Men Will Be Men (story, screenplay and dialogues by Harsh Khurana) is very simplistic, unoriginal and more suited to the television short film format. The length of the film – with a running time of just over 70 minutes – will put the audience off. Although there are a few light moments in the film, the rest of the script lacks punch. The conflict, introduced towards the end, is also forced. The characters are not well-fleshed out. One wonders why such a film was made in the first place, if not to promote a liquor brand, the acronym (IB) and visuals of which can be seen and heard at least half-a-dozen times in the film.

Star Performances – Men Will Be Men Review

Rajesh Kumar, Rahil Tandon, Gaurav Chopra and Rohit Khurana do average jobs but their characters lack depth. Zeenal Kamdar looks distracted and acts rather badly. Rajesh Khattar has a couple of lines to mouth.

Men Will Be Men Review (Men Will Be Men Movie Stills)
Men Will Be Men Movie Stills

Direction, Music & Editing – Men Will Be Men Review

Gorky’s direction is nothing to write home about. There are three songs in the film which add little value. Lyrics, by Amit Anand Chauhan, and music, by Harpreet and Advait Nemlekar, are below-average.  Sahil Kapoor’s cinematography is okay. Editing, by Vikas, Devang Kakkad and Tariq Ahmed, is alright.

The Last Word
On the whole, Men Will Be Men lacks any entertainment value whatsoever and will flop miserably at the box-office.




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