LoveShhuda Movie Poster
LoveShhuda Movie Poster

Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star Cast: Girish Kumar, Navneet Kaur Dhillon

Director: Vaibhav Misra

What’s Good: Actually nothing! Probably the foot-tapping music.

What’s Bad: A lot of things! Cringe-worthy love story, poor casting and a terrible screenplay.

Loo Break: Let’s just say the song should have been ‘Aaj Phir Pee(ne) ki tamanna hai for us.

Watch or Not?: A big No! This film is a mash-up of several rom-coms put together with a weaker star cast. It is safe to say that this film will put you off love and alcohol both.

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Gaurav (Girish Kumar) is a London based guy who is all set to tie the knot with a dominating girl named Vandana who has been chosen by his elder sisters. Vandana is controlling and Gaurav can hardly stand her. When his friends throw him a bachelor party, as expected Gaurav not only gets drunk but also ends up having a one night stand.

Of course unlike real life, he falls in love with Pooja (Navneet Kaur Dhillon). In spite of that he marries Vandana and four years later separates with her.

Exactly around same time, Pooja is getting hitched with her boyfriend.

Will the two lovers cross each other’s paths again?

Girish Kumar and Navneet Kaur Dhillon in a still from movie 'LoveShhuda'
Girish Kumar and Navneet Kaur Dhillon in a still from movie ‘LoveShhuda’

LoveShhuda Review: Script Analysis

Basically, Vaibhav Misra’s idea of living a happy life is getting a drink. So teetotalers, sorry people you have a miserable life!

In Misra’s world every question has one answer -drinks! Hence our leads fall in love when they are drunk, meet the second time four years later and again get drunk to realize they are still in love.

LoveShhuda has an extremely weak plot because the lead characters themselves are flawed. Misra picks up elements from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Love Aaj Kal. If aping these two amazing films was any less, one of the most romantic scenes from The Notebook where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams dance in the middle of the street without music is also lifted.

According to this film, every 20 something who is getting married is highly immature to even take the decision of getting married and hence they obviously need alcohol to get know what the heart wants.

In Gaurav’s life, the women call the shots. Be it his overbearing sisters or his ex-wife. So in the midst of all you even get a Pyaar Ka Punchnama.

LoveShhuda Review: Star Performance

Why did Girish Kumar even think he needed another chance at acting after Ramaiya Vastavaiya. He can’t dance, he can’t act and unfortunately his bare body too is not enticing enough.

Navneet Kaur Dhillon makes her debut with this film. She is styled good enough but weak in the acting department.

Navin Kasturia as the sidekick does a good job. He is funny and his comic timing is bang on.

Tisca Chopra is seen in a supporting role as the elder sister. She does a good job as a controlling elder sister.

Sachin Khedekar plays Pooja’s father. A small role but a good one.

LoveShhuda Review: Music, Direction

Other than being shot at some picturesque locations like London and Mauritius there is nothing worth watching here. A bad screenplay kills this film. There is absolutely no chemistry between the leads and how does one watch a love story like that.

In this film, when the story doesn’t progress ahead, there is a party song ahead. What Mr. Misra has actually directed is different types of alcohol bottles and different techniques of drinking. After the first half, I thought the film should be named ‘Drunkshudda’.

At one point, Pooja cracks a dialogue saying “This is all so stupid. This is ridiculous” and well that’s what I was saying all through the film.

The second half is next to unbearable. And was there an editor working on this film? He seemed to have slept himself while editing.

LoveShhuda Review: The Last Word

LoveShhuda is one film you won’t be able to bear even on TV. If you plan to watch it, I suggest you carry an Advil in case you suffer from both a hangover and a headache. 1/5 for this head-ache of a film.

LoveShhuda Trailer

LoveShhuda releases on 19th February, 2016.

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