2016 continues to be a very busy year for movies so far. While most of the weeks have seen at least a couple of movies release so far, this Friday there are as many as four releases – Neerja, Loveshhuda, Direct Ishq and Ishq Forever. Amongst these, one is a real life story (Neerja) and the other three are romantic entertainers.


Loveshhuda is seeing a balanced release across multiplexes as well as single screens. It has been promoted well, boasts of at least a couple of popular songs and has a fresh concept as its strength. The pairing of Girish Kumar and Navneet Dhillon is looking good too.

Neerja has already generated quite some curiosity due to the testimonials it is gaining over the social media, courtesy industry people praising it to the sky. The dramatic affair has Sonam Kapoor as the key star element and one expects a gritty nail biting emotional stuff on screen.

Box Office Prediction - Neerja, Loveshhuda, Direct Ishq and Ishq Forever
Box Office Prediction – Neerja, Loveshhuda, Direct Ishq and Ishq Forever

Direct Ishq is primarily seeing an arrival on the single screens as it is an out and out ‘desi’ commercial affair. The film has Rajniesh Duggall in a never seen before avtar (as a rustic University Leader) and marks the comeback of Nidhi Subbaiah on the big screen after Ajab Ghazab Love.

Ishq Forever is seeing a relatively smaller release and has music as its key selling point. It also sees Ruhi Singh in a proper heroine avtar after she made her debut with Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls last year.

With Fitoor out of theaters and Sanam Re too seeing very few shows in the second week, aforementioned films have the right amount of screens for them to make merry. Since it is a clash between four films, audience footfalls would certainly be decided. However, the content would decide the kind of run that these films would have from Saturday onwards.

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  1. Lol…The article says prediction and there is no prediction whatsoever about the business expected for any films…not even their release screen size and budget…Don’t give general gyaan please


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