Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Riya Sen, Kyra Dutt, Gulshan Nain

Director: Saurabh Varma

Lonely Girl Poster
Lonely Girl Poster

What’s Good: This pretentiously spooky short film lasts for only fourteen minutes and that’s the best part.

What’s Bad: Terrible dialogues and slo-mo shots of Riya Sen make up for a boring watch.

Watch or Not?: Lonely Girl is passable! It is a confused shortie that tries to show too much at once. If erotic thrillers are your thing, then you could certainly spare some time on this.

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Lonely Girl revolves around Radhika (Riya Sen) who wakes up with a faint memory of the happenings of a night before. In an empty house, she finds herself being chased by another girl Gauri (Kyra Dutta). Radhika in flashes, remembers having fights with her husband Arjun (Gulshan Nain).

Confused about who Gauri is and how does she know everything about her life, Radhika tries to run away from her. In the meanwhile, there’s a murder that has already taken place in the house but whose body is it?

Is Radhika’s husband dead? Wait and watch.

Lonely Girl Review
Lonely Girl Review

Lonely Girl Review: Script Analysis

Saurabh Varma tries to bring forth a short film that is high on suspense and drama. He even adds an erotic angle to it which seems a forced attempt to make the film viral. The dialogues in the film are completely off point, especially the one’s like – “Wednesday Ke Baad Friday? Thursday Kahan Chala Gaya.”

Also, in flashes we see both Radhika and her husband referring to ‘I’ll Kill You’ in conversations that make no sense or that would irk such a reaction.

Lonely Girl Review: Star Performance

Riya Sen plays Radhika’s confused, psychologically deranged character. She gives a disappointing performance as she is unable to express the needed.

Kyra Dutt is scary with her blank stares and monotone dialogues.

Gulshan Nain overacts in the climax scene, rest of his act is average.

Lonely Girl Review: Direction, Music

Saurabh Varma’s Lonely Girl takes off with some intimate scenes between the Riya Sen and Gulshan Nain and further even into a few lesbian intimacy between Riya and Kyra. The purpose of the scenes seems absolutely nil and unrelated to the theme of the story.

The setting looks good and the lighting too work in giving an eerie feel. Background score is alright, not too cliched as compared to most suspense/horror dramas.

The way the story progresses from past to present in flashes can be quite confusing.

Lonely Girl Review: The Last Word

Lonely Girl is no masterpiece. This suspense thriller shortie has an average story and poor writing. A 2/5 for this.

LONELY GIRL | Hindi Short Film [Official Movie]

Lonely Girl releases on 21st Feb, 2017.

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