Jai Mummy Di Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Sunny Singh, Sonnalli Seygall, Supriya Pathak, Poonam Dhillon

Director: Navjot Gulati

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review OUT! Lost Brain Is Viewer's Responsibility
Jai Mummy Di Movie Review OUT! Lost Brain Is Viewer’s Responsibility

What’s Good: Duration of the film

What’s Bad: Duration of the film & everything

Loo Break: Nothing better than that!

Watch or Not?: Skip it totally, not only in theatres but also any device you watch your films on

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The story, if any, is about two neighbouring families who are at a war with each other since forever. We have Puneet (Sunny Singh) and Saanjh (Sonnalli Seygall) who are shown in the introductory scene but soon we see them smooching in their college. That registers of how they’re pretending to fight just because their mothers can’t stand each other.

They try to plan something and confess their love to the mothers but face some obstacles for it. Then they decide to opt for a court marriage but don’t do it because of their ‘hriday-parivartan’. They decide to get married as per their family’s wish but still love each other. All this while you just want them to get together so that the film ends and spoiler alert, it does.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review OUT! Lost Brain Is Viewer's Responsibility
Jai Mummy Di Movie Review OUT! Lost Brain Is Viewer’s Responsibility

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review: Script Analysis

Navjot Gulati has penned this story which is good for a one-line story but is a scattered mess when it comes to executing it. Characters just pop out from the narrative without any solid reason. You have a useless Alok Nath who has nothing to add to the already clueless story.

From uncles fighting over Butter Chicken (eventually splashing it on each other) to naming Sunny Singh’s college as ‘Indian Technology College,’ there are things that are a witness of sheer slothfulness. The story, not even for a single minute, attempts to make any sense whatsoever. The couple decides to part from each other forever just because they hear a peon oversaying about how ‘court marriages are not successful’.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review: Star Performance

Sunny Singh is as lost as he was in his last flick Ujda Chaman. He is stereotyping himself by doing such characters and it’s not at all a good sign for an actor who could do really well. He has been very unidimensional in his attempts and not many chances are left.

Sonnalli Seygall hams throughout. She looks beautiful but that’s about it. She is either overacting or overacting, there’s not a single fine line amidst it. Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon, who were supposed to be the titular characters of the film did not get a single noticeable moment. It’s a sin taking actors of this stature and not giving them any scope to perform.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review: Direction, Music

Navjot Gulati goes from bad to worse as the story proceeds. He is backed by a couple of funny dialogues and moments but that doesn’t work in the long run at all. Even at 105 minutes, the movie is stretched and that’s the biggest loss of Gulati. Also, he spoils (with his story) the main reason behind the war of the mummies by giving a naïve twist.

With as many songs as ‘I didn’t even care to count’, it’s the recreated songs Mummy Nu Pasand and Lambhorgini that work the most. Hitesh Sonik’s background score is loud from the word go. He uses some YouTube video sound effects which don’t delve well with the scenes.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Jai Mummy Di is good and bad for the same reason – it’s duration. Good because it’s short and ultimately less torture, bad because even at the duration it’s boring.

Two stars!

Jai Mummy Di Trailer

Jai Mummy Di releases on 17th January, 2020.

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