Heart of Stone Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, Alia Bhatt, Sophie Okonedo, and ensemble.

Director: Tom Harper.

Heart of Stone Movie Review
Heart of Stone Movie Review ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

What’s Good: Gal Gadot’s charm is irresistible, and you surrender to it and get on board for this already-taken ride.

What’s Bad: But her charm can only hold one until the big reveal. Nothing beyond it is fresh enough to hold water.

Loo Break: Once the big villain is revealed, you can take a break and return; it won’t make much difference.

Watch or Not?: it could be a by-the-way watch that you opt for when you have no other better option. But do not go in with expectations.

Language: English (with Subtitles).

Available on: Netflix.

Runtime: 123 Minutes.

User Rating:

An underground agency runs a unimaginable machinery that has control over every single living and nonliving thing on Earth. Called the Charter, they use it for the betterment and to maintain order. But another syndicate that wants to take snatch the technology called the heart attacks the Charter, and the world is in danger. One exiled agent comes to the rescue and saves the day.

Heart of Stone Movie Review
Heart of Stone Movie Review ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Heart of Stone Movie Review: Script Analysis

Saving the world from an attack or war or a catastrophe plot, post battling the pandemic feels even more fantasy than it already is. As I wrote in my Secret Invasion review, when we were fighting a pandemic as a world, no superhero or a secret agent with God-like skills appeared to save us from the situation . So it is difficult to now suspend or disbelief much. In such an environment when three mainstream stars of their respective industries, tell another story where they save the world through a route that is already taken, do we buy into that easily?

Story by Greg Rucka and screenplay written by Greg and Allison Schroeder, Heart Of Stone takes a lot of cues from its predecessor but doesn’t change much in it. Like the blueprint is very much similar to many movies we have already seen in the past, at this point, you can plot the stereotypes even if you watch 3 similar movies. Why is an arms dealer always a kingpin who can be killed so easily? Why is the way to all the secret hallways and dungeons through the kitchens of posh restaurants and clubs? And if that is not enough, how do people so conveniently reach everywhere on time?

Credit where it is due, the part until the big villain of Heart Of Stone does manage to hold your attention. Because you are learning about the culture this movie has to offer, only to soon be diluted. The interesting part is how it brings in an actor from an entirely different descent, pitches her as a 22-year-old, and makes her the villain. Her rage has a reason, and she is the product of the same system trying to bring order to the world.

But Heart Of Stone never tried to emphasise the culture, or the good character it creates. It is interested in instead making everyone involve in action sequences that decides who wins. If the bad man was walking with the intention of killing the Charter, why would he set a timer to their death and not kill them then and there when he has all the control in his hands? Why the dramatics only to give your leading hero (Gal) some more time to shine?

Heart of Stone Movie Review: Star Performance

Gal Gadot has proved with Wonder Woman that she can do any form of action and with style. Playing Rachel Stone comes naturally to her. But how long are we ready to see her do the same stuff over and over again? We last saw her in Red Notice, which was a similar story with the same platform. The style changes her but not the base.

Jamie Dornan goes through a transformation, and you can see it coming from a mile. Add to it that he gets no backstory or reasoning to his doings. So, for the most part of Heart Of Stone, he is just a one-tone character fighting against something with staple intentions.

Alia Bhatt looks 22 and acts like one. Acting while speaking in English doesn’t come naturally to her. While this is a decent performance and stands well alongside Gal and Jamie, we here at home have seen her do a job level higher.

Heart of Stone Movie Review
Heart of Stone Movie Review ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Heart of Stone Movie Review: Direction, Music

Tom Harper’s direction is basic, and nothing really stands out about his work. Everything is already explored, and you are probably being served a look-alike of something you have already consumed in the past. Even the cinematography does only much and doesn’t experiment at all.

Heart of Stone Movie Review: The Last Word

Heart Of Stone is an average affair that doesn’t serve anything fresh. You already know that good people will save the world and that the bad will either die or change

Heart of Stone Trailer

Heart of Stone releases on 11 August, 2023.

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