Breakwater Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Darren Mann, Dermot Mulroney, Alyssa Goss, Sonja Sohn

Director: James Rowe

Breakwater Review
Breakwater Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

What’s Good: “Breakwater” delivers commendable performances, particularly Dermot Mulroney’s standout portrayal. The film successfully blends elements of thriller and romance. The script maintains a hopeful undertone amidst themes of lies, revenge, and seizing opportunities. Despite its predictability, the storyline unfolds with twists, and the actors effectively carry out their roles. The film’s exploration of loyalty, naivety, and life after prison adds depth to the overall experience, making it a worthwhile watch for those who appreciate character-driven stories in the modern noir genre.

What’s Bad: The film doesn’t introduce groundbreaking storytelling or intricate genre blends. Dovey’s initial naivety may appear unrealistic, and some dialogue lines could have captured more grit and intensity.

Loo Break: Since “Breakwater” has a runtime of only 1 hour and 37 minutes, taking a bathroom break during the film is unnecessary. The relatively short duration ensures viewers can comfortably watch the entire movie without missing essential plot developments or experiencing significant interruptions.

Watch or Not?: “Consider watching “Breakwater” if you’re a fan of modern noir with engaging performances, especially Dermot Mulroney’s standout portrayal. However, be aware that the film has some predictability in its plot and occasional pacing issues. It might be worth watching if you enjoy a blend of thriller and romance and can overlook these drawbacks.

Language: English

Available On: To Rent on Prime Video for $6.99

Runtime: 162 Minutes

User Rating:

“Breakwater” unfolds on North Carolina’s Outer Banks post-tourist season, where Dovey, recently released from prison, promises Ray to find his daughter, Eve. As Dovey explores Ray’s story, the film blends thriller and romance, following Dovey’s journey to locate Eve. The narrative weaves twists against the backdrop of lies, revenge, and seizing opportunities, exploring themes of loyalty and the complexities of life after prison.

Breakwater Review
Breakwater Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: Youtube)

Breakwater Movie Review: Script Analysis

James Rowe’s script for “Breakwater” falls short in its aspiration for a seamless narrative. The plot unfolds predictably, with twists needing more surprise, rendering the storyline formulaic and uninspired. Furthermore, pacing issues introduce a noticeable lag, disrupting the film’s flow and diminishing the impact of pivotal moments. The script’s endeavor to introduce complexity is overshadowed by a general lack of cohesion in execution, resulting in a messy viewing experience for audiences.

While the noir genre inherently embraces some predictability, “Breakwater” struggles to strike a balance with the required intrigue, ultimately producing a script that feels more reliant on formula than genuinely engaging storytelling. The script’s lack of subtlety in handling revelations and overall messiness in narrative execution contribute to an underwhelming experience, failing to exploit the potential of its intriguing premise fully.

Breakwater Movie Review: Star Performance

“Dermot Mulroney delivers a standout performance in “Breakwater,” embodying the psychopathic convict Ray with convincing and chilling intensity. Mulroney’s performance masterfully unravels the intricacies of his character, injecting a burst of depth into the film and solidifying Ray as a captivating and unforgettable antagonist. Despite the film’s built-in flaws, Mulroney’s acting prowess swoops in like a cinematic savior, elevating the viewing experience and spotlighting his exceptional skill in breathing vibrant life into nuanced characters.

As for Darren Mann in the role of protagonist Dovey, his portrayal offers a likable anchor for the film. Mann skillfully injects sincerity and relatability into Dovey, even with the character’s occasional naivety. While the script falls short in providing Mann with a fully developed character arc, he navigates the role with commendable finesse, striking a balance between vulnerability and determination. Mann’s performance contributes to the film’s watchability, creating a central character that audiences can connect with, even amidst the predictability and occasional narrative messiness present in the script.

Breakwater Review
Breakwater Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: Youtube)

Breakwater Movie Review: Direction, Music

It settles into a middle ground regarding James Rowe’s direction, both impressively overwhelming and notably flawed. While lacking distinctive flair, Rowe successfully navigates the film’s terrain, maintaining a steady pace and delivering a cohesive narrative. Though the direction may not showcase innovative approaches, it fulfills its essential role, allowing characters and plots to unfold smoothly without significant hiccups. In essence, the order in “Breakwater” dutifully accomplishes its fundamental task but falls short of leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.

As for the music, while it adeptly aligns with the scenes, it needs more inspiration and originality. The soundtrack serves its purpose by enhancing emotions and atmosphere, yet the absence of a unique or memorable musical identity relegates it to a forgettable element of the film. Though effectively complementing on-screen events, the music’s lack of originality prevents it from standing out or significantly contributing to the cinematic experience.

Breakwater Movie Review: The Last Word

In conclusion, “Breakwater” offers a decent cinematic experience with commendable performances, notably from Dermot Mulroney, and a narrative that engages audiences despite its predictability and occasional messiness. The film’s direction, while not exceptional, gets the job done, maintaining a steady pace. However, the lack of originality in music and storytelling prevents it from reaching higher cinematic heights. While it may not achieve classic status, “Breakwater” could appeal to those seeking a modern noir with engaging characters and a touch of romance.

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Breakwater releases on December 22, 2023.

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