Ferrari Ki Sawaari is about an honest, middle-class father (Sharman Joshi) who tries to get his only child (Ritvik Sahore) into a cricket training camp in London. Read the review for more.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Movie Review
Ferrari Ki Sawaari Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two-and-a-half stars)

Star cast: Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Ritvik Sahore, Paresh Rawal.

What’s Good: The heartfelt characterisations; the performances.

What’s Bad: A few weak portions of the drama; the slow pace of the second half; the track of the Marathi leader which does not add much value.

Verdict:  Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a well-intentioned drama which entertains in parts.

Watch or Not?: Watch it because of the fine performances and the lovely characters.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is about an honest, middle-class father’s effort to get his only child into a cricket training camp in London.

Rusy (Sharman Joshi) is the head clerk at the regional transport office in Mumbai. He stays in a Parsi colony with Kayo (Ritvik Sahore), his young, school-going son, and Deboo (Boman Irani), his cranky, old father. Rusy practices complete honesty and teaches his son to emulate him.

Kayo is a budding cricketer with lots of promise, but Rusy cannot buy him enough equipment because of his meager income. However, when a camp in Lords, London is announced at Kayo’s school, Rusy decides that his son will attend the camp, in spite of the hefty fee of Rs. 1.5 lakh. Deboo — who thinks that Kayo wastes his time in playing cricket — warns Rusy against sending the kid to London. But Rusy tries every trick in the book to put the money together. But all his efforts come to naught.

Rusy then gets a chance to make one-and-a-half lakh rupees by somehow arranging for cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s swanky Ferrari car for a couple of hours, on the occasion of the marriage of a Mumbai politician’s son. Although he thinks twice, Rusy takes the bait when the opportunity presents itself.

What happens next? Is Rusy able to get the money and send Kayo to London? Or does he fall foul of the law? What about Deboo?

Sharman Joshi In Ferrari Ki Sawaari Movie Stills
Sharman Joshi In Ferrari Ki Sawaari Movie Stills

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Review: Script Analysis

Rajkumar Hirani’s story is unusual and interesting. The concept of an honest man turning to dishonest means for a seemingly noble purpose might not be new, but to his credit, Hirani treats the subject in a refreshing way. Rajesh Mapuskar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s screenplay takes off very well. The characterisations of the son, father and grandfather are well-etched and enjoyable. The conflict is neatly introduced into the drama, keeping the viewer engaged.

However, the second half fails to an extent because several scenes drag out unnecessarily and do not seem relevant to the main plot. The track of Sachin Tendulkar’s servant and watchman searching for the Ferrari is comic but drags on and irritates. The same applies for the track of the wedding of the Mumbai politician’s son. Another problem with the narrative is that the scenes where Kayo is shown playing cricket do not inspire the viewer or get him to applaud. Emotional scenes are effective but don’t make the viewer cry at any point.

Dialogues, penned by Hirani, are excellent at places and good at others.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Review: Star Performances

Sharman Joshi does an extremely convincing job as Rusy. He underplays beautifully and makes the film watchable to a large extent. Boman Irani is in his element as the Parsi grandfather. He shines in several scenes, especially in the one with Paresh Rawal. Ritvik Sahore does a fine job as Kayo. Paresh Rawal is natural in a short role. Satyadeep Mishra is okay as coach Vilayat. Vidya Balan does well in an item number. Seema Pahwa, as the boisterous marriage consultant, does a wonderful job. Nilesh Divekar, as the politician’s son, is very good. Deepak Shirke, as the watchman, makes the audience laugh. Aakash Dabhade, Vijay Nikam and others offer adequate support.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Director Rajesh Mapuskar makes an impressive debut. Although he is let down by the script to an extent, he makes the father-son relationship very heartfelt, which, in itself, makes the film worth a watch. Music, by Pritam Chakraborty, is soulful and adds to the narrative. Swanand Kirkire, Guru Thakur, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh’s lyrics are alright. The background score is nice. Cinematography, by Sudhir Palsane, is appealing. The production design is okay. Deepa Bhatia’s editing is sharp.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Review: The Last Word

On the whole, Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a well-intentioned and nicely made film that entertains in parts.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Trailer

Ferrari Ki Sawaari releases on 15 June 2012.



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