Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Varun Dhawan, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Rahul Dev, Saqib Saleem, Akshaye Khanna

Director: Rohit Dhawan

Dishoom Movie Poster
Dishoom Movie Poster

What’s Good: John Abraham and Varun Dhawan’s bromance and fancy boy toys such as FJ Cruisers, speed boats and drone based action sequences.

What’s Bad: Rohit Dhawan’s film is high on style but extremely low on content. Laden with cliches, this script is poor.

Loo Break: Yep!

Watch or Not?: Dishoom is a predictable film with funny elements. If you can keep your brains aside and enjoy a film that is high on swag, this could be your pick for the weekend!

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As shown in the trailer, the story revolves around the kidnapping of Indian cricketer Viraj Sharma (Saqib Saleem).

Two days before the final match between India and Pakistan, Virat gets abducted in Middle East.

Indian special task force agent Kabir Shergill is sent to work on this case. He then picks up Junaid Ansari (Varun Dhawan) a goofy, newbie Arab cop as his co-agent on the case.

On their hunt for clues, they meet Ishika (Jacqueline Fernandez) who’s a pick pocketer. She forms an important link to finding Virat’s kidnapper’s whereabouts.

Will Kabir and Junaid succeed on their mission? Will they catch hold of Wagah (Akshaye Khanna), who is the real culprit is what lies ahead.

Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and John Abraham in a still from Dishoom
Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and John Abraham in a still from Dishoom

Dishoom Review: Script Analysis

Rohit Dhawan’s Dishoom tries hard to be a Rush Hour type buddy cop film but thanks to its cliches, comes hardly any close.

While Kabir’s character is steely and brooding, Junaid is the full of life, goofy guy who brings in all the fun to this film. Their chemistry is very much a reminder of our Dhoom jodi, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra.

Most of Varun’s dialogues are like four liner jingles and while they work at start, after a point you rarely even dare to chuckle.

An example would be, when the kidnapper’s dog, Bradman accidentally gives out a major lead about the case, dialogues like “Ek hi Bradman hai jo dono team ke liye khelta hai” make their way.

The side characters are extremely weak although Akshay Kumar’s cameo is one hell of a scene.

The script is overall predictable, be it the climax or Jacqueline and John’s brewing romance. Action picks up the pace when the film is about to get dull and that helps.

The script starts to fall flat in the second half with corny twists such as an unnecessary chase sequence with Rahul Dev.

While the focus remains on John and Varun, the writers fail to establish the antagonists character much.

Also, showing John’s character to be a law-breaker when it comes to smoking was not a smart move on the writer’s part. Smoking a cigarette does not make someone ‘macho’ and it’s best if we get rid of such concepts from modern day cinema at least. Also, it is plain annoying to show someone throwing smoke on someone’s face.

High on its commercial elements, Dishoom entertains in parts.

Dishoom Review: Star Performance

John Abraham really needs to do something different. It’s just boring to see him with his bulked up body playing the no nonsense guy. In Dishoom, for most of the scenes, he is just seen smoking with a stern face. Thank god for his hot body else, the actor had no work in the film!

Varun Dhawan is unfortunately getting highly repetitive. After Main Tera Hero, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, his character as Junaid is once again the chirpy chocolate boy like. Nonetheless, he is extremely likable and instantly grabs your attention in the film with his comic timing.

Jacqueline Fernandez as Ishika hardly has any role. Other than cracking a few funny dialogues, she does not have much to offer. Of course, her sexy moves in Sau Tarah Ke song make-up for most of that missing acting.

Akshaye Khanna in spite of being a good actor and the antagonist in the film, gets limited screen time. We would definitely love to seem him work more in films.

Saqib Saleem who is seen as Virat Sharma, the player does a decent job.

Nargis Fakhri is seen in two scenes and her entry in the bikini is sure to get some whistles in theaters.

Akshay Kumar will surprise the hell out of you in his cameo. Watch out for his hilarious act in the first half.

Parineeti Chopra’s item number is already popular and ends the film with much glitz and glamour.

Dishoom Review: Direction, Music

Rohit Dhawan’s Dishoom has almost all the perfect elements to make the film an out and out commercial drama. Two hot male leads, one sexy leading lady, decent music and good action. What essentially, the film also needed was a better script. Being high on style, this film seems silly when it comes to its content.

Shot in Abu Dhabi, the swanky locales of middle east are impressive. Stereotyping the setting, Dhawan obviously shoots a market scene in the sandy terrain where arms are being openly sold.

Of course, there are stupid scenes such as John’s character getting off a plane with a lit cigarette. Well, there’s a reason you don’t smoke near the planes, don’t want to blow up yourself do you?

Action scenes are well captured and especially the final one with Varun and John hanging onto the helicopters. Also, a chase sequence in the mall is shot in a slick manner.

Music of the film is average as it takes off with Toh Dishoom. Sau Tarah Ke will definitely entertain the crowds. The background score although is a huge let down.

Dishoom Review: The Last Word

As far as buddy cop films go, Dishoom is partly enjoyable. Varun Dhawan is entertaining and the only highlight other than the action in the film. I go with a 2.5/5 for this film!

Dishoom Trailer

Dishoom releases on 29th July, 2016.

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  1. Super Stud John Abraham and Super Dude Varun Dhawan’s chemistry and bromance forms the crux of the film and they pull it of with elan in Dishoom. Super star Akshay Kumar….who is Bollywood’s most macho hero plays the gay party social animal with elan…Jacquline Fernandez is good and she impresses with her presence. Akshay Khanna does the villian with finesse, after a long absence.

    The film is entertaining and is a treat for the eyes… It will satisfy the audiences requirement of entertaining cinema.


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