Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Movie Poster
Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Anand Tiwari, Amit Sial, Manasi Rachh, Subrat Datta, Disha Arora, Aanchal Nandrajog

Director: Manish Srivastav

What’s Good: A good concept clubbed with an ace actor like Naseeruddin Shah definitely works in favour of the film. Of course, that remains to be the only good part in the film.

What’s Bad: There is a constant sense of stereotyping when it comes to handling the script. The representation of drugs, murders and dark sins is treated quite typically by the director.

Loo Break: Yeah! One wouldn’t hurt.

Watch or Not?: Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein is a missed opportunity. It could have been a much better gripping drama but it settles to become an average one. Watch it if you are a fan of the dark deed films but mostly you can watch it for Naseeruddin Shah.


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The story of Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein starts inversely with each new twist unfolding at the most unexpected time. It is a story of three different characters and mainly deals with the nature of truth. What happens when Addl. Commissioner of Police, Sanket Pujari (Naseeruddin Shah) is assigned an unusual case of multiple homicides. An interesting twist is the fact that they have been caught on camera. What lies as the biggest task on the shoulders of Pujari is identifying the nature of truth in this tale. The difference between what the eyes can see and what the actual truth is. Considering that suspense forms a key in the story, it would be best not to give any spoilers about this tale!

Naseeruddin Shah and Subrat Dutta in a still from movie 'Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein'
Naseeruddin Shah and Subrat Dutta in a still from movie ‘Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein’

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Review: Script Analysis

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein tries hard to come across as a dark tale from the by lanes of Mumbai but unfortunately it sticks to something which is already seen. There are multiple story lines and after a point it is ridiculous to expect the audience to maintain its attention. In an attempt to come across as a dark drama, the film turns out only smoke and no fire. The makers introduce a multiple characters like an Anurag Kashyap film but fail to do justice to them. Not all stories are ended properly and the incomplete thread leaves you a little confused.

Since the film starts backwards, the scenes are a little mis-mashed. The representation of drug lords, underworld and of course the police department is quite cliched in the film. I could have watched the film minus those smoke rings which are so stylishly blown by the commissioner’s character. There is ample of fodder in the story, it is just that it is not placed wisely in the film.

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Review: Star Performance

Naseeruddin Shah is an actor who can pull off anything and everything. Of course, I would have to say it is a delight watching him in such films, rather than Welcome Back‘s blind Wanted Bhai. He gives a decent performance in the film and keeps it afloat.

Anand Tiwari is actually one of those actors who is most reliable when it comes to forming the supporting cast. Even in the smallest of roles, he manages to shine through. With Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein, he does a fine job but it is probably the writing that does not allow him to give his best. We have seen him in better roles than this.

Amit Sial recently wowed us with his performance in Titli and he continues to do so in Charlie Kay Chakker Mein. Sial puts up quite a genuine act in this film.

Manasai Rach as Nina does not impress much with her character.

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Review: Music, Direction

Director Manish Srivastav manages to create a decent amount of mystery around the plot but fails because of the knack to handle multiple sub-plots. There is a cliched representation of the gangsters and I could’ve really loved to see something new. The concept of homicides and it’s footage was quite a killer one but sadly it does not develop further into a nail-biting affair. The lighting is kept quite predictably dark in the film. Surprisingly, the director does not at all play with the background score and I find it amusing. Crime thrillers need a certain amount of music to keep them steady and Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein misses that.

The pace is rapid but that’s what makes it confusing. Even though the film is kept tight with a run time of 1 hour 42 minutes, we don’t really decipher much about the story in that time.

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Review: The Last Word

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein has nothing to offer but a novel concept and a great performance by Naseeruddin Shah. Otherwise, the film is a ‘Raita’ with too many characters and sub-plots. I am going with a 2/5 for the film.

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein Trailer

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein releases on 6th November, 2015.

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