Bubble Gum Review – Direction & Music

Sanjivan Lal’s direction is good but he ought to have added far more entertainment value in his drama as well as narration and narrative style. Music (by Hanif Shaikh Haffu and Bapi-Tutul) is fair but what the film needed was hit songs. Lyrics (Prashant Pandey, Kaushal Kishore and Hanif Shaikh Haffu) are alright. Song picturisations (Longines, Aadil Shaikh and Anthony) are routine. Background music (by Hanif Shaikh Haffu) is so-so. P.K. Swain’s action scenes have a natural quality about them. Anshul Chobey’s camerawork is fine. Editing, by Suresh Pai, is okay.

Bubble Gum Review – Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Bubble Gum may be a well-meaning and well-made film but if it still goes largely unnoticed, it will be because of lack of face value and lack of entertainment value.

Bubble Gum Video Review

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