Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Poster
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Gal Gadot

Director: Zack Snyder

What’s Good: The thrilling face-off battle between Batman and Superman makes the movie interesting to the core.

What’s Bad: Apart from the battle, the story doesn’t have any hold and impact worth remembering. The direction seemed very ordinary.

Loo Break: Only during interval.

Watch or Not?: Honestly, if you are a Batman or Superman fan, then my verdict is not going to make any difference. But, if you are still reading it, watch it for the sake of that face-off, otherwise, the movie is nothing less than a disappointment.

User Rating:

So, the most anticipated and exciting superhero extravaganza of the year is finally here to entertain us. All that curiosity over the last year with Comic-Con trailers and what not, we now get to experience the thrill of Batman and Superman. Bat-Pod, fights in the dark with bat flash lighting the clouds and humungous power of Superman, all these through the direction of Zack Snyder and the production of the gem Christopher Nolan. Let’s live it together.

Remember, the epic battle between Superman and General Zod from Man of Steel? Now, add Bruce Wayne to it. Bruce witnessed the destruction that Superman and his enemies did to the people of Earth and he also realises the imminent threat of Superman’s gigantic power. If Superman turns evil, he can make the entire mankind go extinct just like that. Bruce Wayne aka Batman has seen a lot of sane minds turning monsters and that’s why he thinks Superman needs to be stopped and be answerable to the people of this planet. So, the gutsy Batman takes on the Blue God.

So, that’s how the face-off begins and fun starts. But, can Batman really match the immortal power of Superman and bring the justice to the people or things will worsen than they already are? Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

But, there are other monstrous forces secretly working. Lex Luthor sees a striking opportunity to use this situation to his advantage and creates a Doomsday weapon which is deadlier than both Batman and Superman’s powers combined.

Henry Cavill in a still from movie 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
Henry Cavill in a still from movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review: Script Analysis

The story pans out well for the movie. It has enough characters to keep you engrossed with the length of the film. The short background for both Batman and Superman are smartly entailed. It is essential to the liking of the characters. The 1st half is intentionally chaotic and builds the base for the next thrilling phase of the story.

Although, the second half is much more interesting and action packed, it doesn’t make the kind of impact you would have hoped. The script is fragmented and only certain scenes are enjoyable while rest seem pretty ordinary.

What’s favourable is that the script greatly manages to achieve the balance of both Batman and Superman’s stand on their heroic deeds. After a while, the plot seems very predictable but Lex Luthor’s character brings surprising element to the storyline.

The face-off between Batman and Superman is breath-taking and will make you applaud for its brilliance. This is where the movie is most entertaining and wow-worthy.

Overall, the script is good but in case of this franchise, good isn’t enough, is it?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review: Star Performance

Zack Snyder knows the vitality of a great casting and the choice of each character is noteworthy. When first heard about Ben Affleck as Batman, like most of the people, even I had my doubts whether he can really pull this off, especially after an outstanding performance from Christian Bale in Batman Trilogy. But, Ben Affleck is the heart of the movie and I am happy that I was wrong. He literally owns the role. His screen presence and dedicated effort is evident in the movie. His heavy personality complements the new batman suit which is built to endure Superman. Even as Bruce Wayne, he narrates the story subtly, devoid of any glamour and unnecessary heroism.

Henry Cavill is very sincere and I feel this is the perfect role for him. He carries the weight of Superman’s power, anger, frustration and all the emotions beautifully. Jesse Eisenberg has done a hell of a job as Lex Luthor. I know he can really talk fast as he has done in The Social Network. He looks crazy, stubborn and yields an evil flavour for the story. However, I feel there could have been more to his character than a mere craziness.

What I thoroughly loved is the role of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She is hot, sensuous, funny and vibrant. Even for a small screen time, she is extensively memorable. A beauty with fighting instincts makes the movie utterly legendary. Amy Adams was great but she seemed a bit old and unattractive.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review: Music, Direction

I am a big fan of Zack Snyder. People might love him for 300 but I respect him for making Watchmen and that’s why I was curious what contribution he would do for this project. Honestly, I didn’t like the direction in this context. The storytelling was good but not to the level of his other notable works. Of course, the pressure of making a superhero movie is insane after what Nolan has achieved in this domain but that can’t be the excuse for Zack’s generic attempt for the movie.

On a macro level, the storytelling was convincing and it has its glorious moments. The face-off between Batman and Superman is remarkable and accomplishes the intention of making this movie. The cleverness of Batman to face the immortal, his tricks to expose Superman’s weakness are brilliantly directed. This battle will be remembered for a long time to come. But, that’s it, only some fractions are enjoyable. The direction lacked a rhythm and spontaneity.

Another thing I would complain is about the screen time for Wonder Woman. It was such an important and thrilling role but she got way too lesser a time in the story. Zack should have been smarter enough to do that instead of focusing more on Amy Adams’ role.

Zack’s signature shots of gradual camera getting closer to the actors and then panning out to get a wider display is remarkable, especially during the background story of both Batman and Superman and towards the end.

When we talk about Hans Zimmer’s music, we know how extraordinary and meticulous it is. Zimmer and Junkie XL gave a justified score for this one but the music is really not of the level we had witnessed in Batman Trilogy and Interstellar. It’s not bad but not impactful as well.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review: The Last Word

Batman vs Superman is a thrilling tale of a rivalry between the two superheroes, trapped in justifying their heroic deeds. Their face-off battle is exceptional with a justified storyline but lacks a powerful impact. I hate to say this but I was disappointed with the movie. My rating: 2.5/5

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on 25th March, 2016.

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