Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends Movie Poster
Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends Movie Poster

Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star Cast: Suzanna Mukherjee, Sidhant Gupta, Karan Mehra, Sharib Hashmi, Gunjan Malhotra

Director: Amit Khanna

What’s Good: Well, I would have to really sift through hard enough to find out something good. I can only say Karan Mehra’s comic antics.

What’s Bad: Where to start? Terrible plot, topped with some mediocre acting and an even boring soundtrack.

Loo break: Take a really long one!

Watch or Not?: No! Spare yourself this long weekend from this movie. You could do lots of fun things and even actually fall in love rather than sit through a film that is all but a facade of love.

User Rating: 

Naari is a con girl who dates men and runs with their money. This is another Dolly Ki Doli. In a town like Chandigarh, Naari cons rich men with her broken heels and designer dresses.

There are multiple stories running side by side. It all comes down to one thing, all are situational love stories and none of them actually intetrests you.

After trying to con Dev who is a cafe owner, Naari leaves him when she finds out that he is already in debts with a loan. Her next target becomes Jazzy who is a local don. In this complicated scenario, there is also Pinkesh who ia Dev’s friend and another ‘deewana’ of Naari.

While Jazzy starts looking for his money that Naari has fled with, what will happen in this one eventful day where some love stories are blooming and some are shattering.

still from movie 'Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends'
still from movie ‘Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends’

Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends Review: Script Analysis

There is something called a good script and that exactly is missing in this one. In an attempt to show how everyday incidents lead to people falling in love and termed as God’s antics, the makers weave a weak plot. It is a painfully boring script with not one dialogue worth remembering. The only comic relief in the film is Pinkesh who keeps saying ‘Mamma’s eyes’ for its Hindi slang. There is one scene in the film where there is a bank robbery and other than the fact that it is shot pathetically, there is a completely unnecessary exchange of dialogues. Thank god all love stories do not have so many sub plots running. After Teri Meri Kahani, this is one love story that seemed impossible to sit through.

The charcters have no detailing and the film seems like directly waking up into someone elses dream. Writing a script with multiple characters is a task and I suggest not everyone should venture it.

Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends Review: Star Performances

Suzanna Mukherjee who is known for her stint in Roadies is the leas actress Naari in the film. Other than strutting around in stylized outfits, she gives nothing to the character. She is over expressive and come out too loud in certain scenes.

Sidhant Gupta does a decent job in the film but he seems more suitable for soap operas and he may have work harder to impress on the bug screen.

Sharib Hashmi who was last seen in Filmistaan does an honest job as Jazzy but then again, why does an actor of his caliber take up a film like this. I expect much more from him and have no clue why he settles for such a comic role.

Karan Mehra seems to be the only guy who knows what he is doing in the film. He is funny and the only comic relief in the otherwise unintentionally funny film.

Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

I wish to ask director Amit Khanna why make a rom-com that is not even a rom-com. Not once do you connect to even a single love story in the film. Forget the script, the director does not even make sure that at least the music entertains. The director finds a leeway and tries to appease his audience with roses and ref dresses and romantic proposals, none of which appeal to you. Love stories are beyond materialistic things and especially after having watched Dum Laga Ke Haisha last week, this film seems to be a parade of immature, high school romance. The bank robbery is scene is so awful that I found myself looking around at people sitting beside and ask them ‘seriously’?  Since it is not Mumbai and no marine drive scene for the couples, the film maker shows the couple taking long walks on dim lit roads having fake conversations. This film is exactly opposite to its name, there is no fun and we want it to end.

Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends Review: The Last Word

Badmashiyaan is a height of mediocrity and showcase of pathetic love stories that lack the emotion in iteself. I could have watched cheesier love doevy romances but this supposed rom-com actually made me love sick. I am going with a 1/5 for this awfullly boring film.

Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends Trailer

Badmashiyaan – Fun Never Ends releases on 6th March, 2015.

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