Ankur Arora Murder Case Movie Poster
Ankur Arora Murder Case Movie Poster

Rating: 1.5/5 stars (One And Half Stars)

Star cast: Arjun Mathur, Kay Kay Menon, Vishakha Singh, Tisca ChopraPaoli Dam, Manish Chaudhari, Sachin Khurana, Harsh Chhaya

Director: Suhail Tatari

What’s Good: A captivating issue of medical negligence is  indeed a thrilling idea.

What’s Bad: Everything else saving Tisca Chopra’s acting and the film’s premise.

Loo break: Yes

Watch or Not?: Basing the movie on the real life story of Ankur Arora, the film is an unworthy tribute to an unsung child hero who was slain by medical discrepancy. Following from the popular American sitcom Grey’s Anatomy in its idea and execution, the film with its drooping second half, shallow approach and mostly overtly melodramatic screenplay packed with unnecessary dialogues make it a terrible drag. I would recommend you to watch Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate episode on Healing Medical Profession, if the issue is that close to your heart. Don’t waste your time on this unnecessary feat!


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An arrogant, success in his head kind of veteran doctor makes a petty mistake at a simple appendicitis surgery of an eight year old kid. His intern Romesh who was always in awe of him, now finds himself compelled to bring out the truth about the man he worshiped. Taking on a medical giant, against all odds it is the win of justice for Ankur Arora.

Kay Kay Menon in Ankur Arora Murder Case Movie Stills
Kay Kay Menon in Ankur Arora Murder Case Movie Stills

Ankur Arora Murder Case Review: Script Analysis

The script itself is a well grounded and well researched one. The idea is emotional and thrilling. The entire idea of making a film on a issue like this comes with a magnanimous responsibility of portraying the facts right and depicting the stances correctly! The film doesn’t tamper with any facts surely, but the presentation is done without any earnestness. Adding too many dialogues has killed the film’s blaze. The script that is a slice of someone’s life is undoubtedly unparalleled which loses to poor execution.

Ankur Arora Murder Case  Review: Star Performances

Tisca Chopra gives a potent performance with grounded intensity. Instinctively she brings on screen the pain of a broken mother’s heart. For her alone, the film is a treat.

Kay Kay Menon is impressive but his repetitive acting mores have clearly become stale.

Paoli Dam can simply not act and doesn’t know how to emote. She doesn’t do justice to the strong character she is meant to enact!

Arjun Mathur is promising but shines only because of his author backed role! 

Ankur Arora Murder Case  Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Suhail Tatari blunders while bringing the tear jerking plot on celluloid. It is the over-soaring melodrama along with over the top, naïve dialogues which don’t help the audience try to delve deep into the film’s feeling quotient. If medical dramas have intrigued you in the past, this film is definite- must no – for you. You’ll become averse to the genre altogether. The screenplay is done in a cluttered manner and the editing could surely have been done withh some more neat work.

Ankur Arora Murder Case  Review: The Last Word

Ankur Arora Murder Case is not an atrocious film, but is gravely disappointing. Wasting actors like Tisca Chopra and Kay Kay Menon along with making a spiced up version of true life incident of a death of a child due to medical negligence, the film is a sure damp squib for me. This lengthy movie drags on for too long in the second half and kills whatever high the first part had raked up. With a sketchy screenplay and unsure climax doing the film irreparable damage, I can’t settle for anything above 1.5/5 for the film. Grab a season of Grey’s Anatomy and rescue yourself in case you chance upon this anywhere. You’ll destroy the sanity of your taste for this genre if you watch this film.

Ankur Arora Murder Case Trailer

Ankur Arora Murder Case released on 14th June, 2013.

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  1. A must view for all who value truth and fight for it. A 5 star rating indeed for this movie. Inspiring & Illuminating the Integrety.

  2. i think its a wonderful movie…everyone should watch it..if u guys can waste ur precious tym by watching yeh jawani hai dewani or yamla pagla deewana thn u cn also fnd sm tym t watch ths movie…i knw toooo much songs r nt there or romance btwn d actr & d actrs s nt dr bt still itz a breath tkng movie..

  3. Mohar Basu you dont know a bit of movies, you can only like movies like dabang, jab tak hai jaan, student of the year.


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