Angel: Nilesh Sahay falls in love with a physically and mentally challenged daughter of the man he had accidentally murdered in. Read the review for more:

Business Rating:  0.5 star

Star cast: Nilesh Sahay, Maddalsa Sharma, Aroona Irani, Manoj Joshi.

What’s Good: Nothing really.

What’s Bad: Everything actually except, perhaps, the songs!

Verdict: Angel will bomb at the box-office.

Loo break: Anytime!


Watch or Not? Totally at your own risk!

Angel Review By Komal Nahta

Pushpa Krishna Creations’ Angel is the story of a good-for-nothing boy, Abhay (Nilesh Sahay). Abhay is just out of jail for having caused the death of a person in a road accident. His mother (Aroona Irani), elder brother, Rohan (Manoj Joshi), and sister-in-law (Kishori Shahane Vij) are not at all happy when he returns home because they feel, he can only create problems wherever he goes. Although Rohan and his wife would rather that Abhay left their home, the mother pleads with Rohan to let him work in his posh motor garage. Rohan reluctantly agrees to let Abhay join his garage.

One day, Abhay goes to the house of the man whom he had accidentally killed. He meets the deceased’s son, Mahajan (Sumit Sharma), and his daughter-in-law (Vaishali Thakkar). The couple drive him out of the house but he goes there again as he had seen a young and pretty girl there who could not speak or move. Abhay keeps visiting the girl, Sonal (Maddalsa Sharma), and over some days, he gets close to her. He realises that she is the daughter of the deceased who is not being looked after properly by her own brother and sister-in-law. He takes her to the doctor and learns that her condition, caused by a mental shock, was curable and that her father used to regularly take her to the doctor.

Abhay feels guilty that Sonal’s recovery had been stalled because of the death of her father. He now takes it upon himself to take her to the doctor regularly and works hard on ensuring that she has a speedy recovery. As time flies, Abhay and Sonal begin to love one another. One day, in their moment of weakness, Sonal’s brother and sister-in-law catch them at home. The police is summoned and Abhay is arrested for raping Sonal who finds herself helpless because she is unable to speak and negate the rape theory.

Does Abhay get a chance to prove his innocence? What does Sonal do to secure his freedom? Answers to these questions are revealed in the end.

Angel Review By Komal Nahta (Angel Movie Stills)

Script and Screeplay – Angel Review

Muazzam Beg’s script is silly, to say the least. Abhay may be a good-for-nothing guy who wastes his time but the fact that he killed someone in an accident and not intentionally is conveniently overlooked by his family members who shout at him as if he had purposely murdered a person. Abhay’s mother tells him things which no mother would even dream of telling her son. Even Abhay’s brother over-reacts whenever Abhay is around. For instance, Rohan and his wife unnecessarily get angry when Abhay gets Sonal on a wheelchair to a party hosted by them.

If Beg has not been able to explain why the family is behaving so weirdly, he has also not been able to explain why Abhay is so dumb and careless. In other words, the writer has adopted the very convenient path – this is the way the characters are, no questions asked. Resultantly, nothing at all in the drama makes an impact. Although the writer intended to show the romance between Abhay and Sonal, it just doesn’t appeal to the viewer. Emotions are completely absent. Even the dialogues are too commonplace to be true.

Angel Review By Komal Nahta (Angel Movie Stills)

Star Performances – Angel Review

Nilesh Sahay makes a poor debut as hero. Maddalsa Sharma looks pretty and her acting is average. Manoj Joshi is average and doesn’t quite suit the character he plays. Kishori Shahane Vij is nice. Sumit Sharma and Vaishali Thakkar are natural. Aroona Irani acts ably. Rakhi Vijan lends the desired support. Others are alright.

Direction and Camerawork – Angel Review

Ganesh Acharya’s direction is dull and his narrative style is not at all convincing. Amjad-Nadeem’s music is pleasant. The songs and their lyrics (Shabbir Ahmed) are two of the reasonably good things in the film. Aseem Bajaj’s camerawork is very good. Action scenes (Mahendra Verma) are functional. Editing (Nilesh Naik) is okay. Production and other technical values are average.

The Last Word
On the whole, Angel is a poor show all the way and will meet with a horrifyingly frightening fate at the box-office.




  1. I watched the film. It is a good film. Specially for a newcomer Maddalsa Sharma who is a stunner in glamorous songs and an absolute mature actor in the scenes where she plays a cerebral palsy patient.


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