Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones, Amrita Singh

Director: Remo D’souza

A Flying Jatt Poster
A Flying Jatt Poster

What’s Good: A Flying Jatt is a funny superhero drama that has ample of light moments. Its Kid-friendly nature seems to be the most salable point!

What’s Bad: A dragged second half, copied elements of Hollywood superheroes and Remo D’Souza’s ambition to ‘preach’ through this film make up for a huge let down.

Loo Break: Yes! Especially when an entire society suddenly breaks into a jig like Bhangda Pa!

Watch or Not?: This is a massy affair but strictly for kids. For adults, it may be too silly to learn about pollution from a superhero drama!

User Rating:

Pollution is bad for our environment! This is the basis of A Flying Jatt.

Mr. Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) is a big time industrialist who has been dumping his industrial waste into a local lake. He is a relentless businessman and hence is after a crucial piece of land where a holy tree (Avatar like) stands with a society owned by Amrita Singh’s character and her sons Aman (Tiger Shroff) and Rohit (Gaurav Pandey).

After Aman’s mother stands tall against Malhotra’s men to save her land, he appoints Raka (Nathan Jones) to kill Aman and his family.

Thus, results a fight in the rains, clubbed with thunder, lightening and support from the Holy tree and bam! There is our superhero.

Aman turns a superhero overnight while Raka after lying in toxic waste for over 10 days becomes a Toxic superhero should we say? Well, as a baddie of course.

With Flying Jatt becoming a popular messiah, Malhotra’s business is dooming and hence Raka with his newly attained powers come to the rescue.

Will Raka defeat Aman’s goofy superhero avatar of Flying Jatt? Watch to find out!

Nathan Jones and Tiger Shroff in a still from A Flying Jatt
Nathan Jones and Tiger Shroff in a still from A Flying Jatt

A Flying Jatt Review: Script Analysis

Bollywood’s tryst with superheroes has not been very healthy and hence, director Remo D’Souza strays away from making this one an archaic superhero film. He resorts to comic relief as a get away and hence we have a superhero who has height phobia, who buys sabzi in the market, who stops at the red signal and who is not flaunting his powers. While, the concept of this spoof over superheroes works well, his lessons on Environment don’t.

If the textbooks were boring enough to tell you that pollution is harmful, Remo goes on to show that pollution is the cause of cancer today and so while Jadoo got his powers from ‘Dhoop’, this superhero gets it from ‘Fresh Air’ as opposed to his counterpart, Raka who breathes polluted air.

Yeah! Tired just listening to that, well you have two and a half hours to see it in the film. Not all of it is bad but it comes across as a lame attempt to appeal to adults.

If the kiddish storyline is any less, elements such as the Holy tree reminding of Avatar’s tree of life for the Navi’s is even more irritating.

Of course, since his name is A Flying Jatt, we are also given a doze of history of the Sikh bravery. Remo also manages to push in the ‘don’t make jokes on Sardars’ message in this one.

Basically, with all the laughs that come from the funny scenes, there are also the constant yawns over ‘preachy’ stuff!

A Flying Jatt Review: Star Performance

Tiger Shroff appears in his third film with this one and he still seems quite uncomfortable. He is convincing as the un-confident superhero at start but his weird boyish charm, a poor dialogue delivery surely come in the way. Nobody can challenge him when it comes to the super air-kicks and hence his action scenes look quite good, nonetheless the actor still has long way to go, to come up in the top league.

Jacqueline Fernandez as his love interest has a limited role. She is overly chirpy and shows no signs of efforts taken for this role. Her highlight in this film is clearly the sexy moves on ‘Beat Pe Booty‘!

Amrita Singh once again turns the overbearing Punjabi mom after 2 States. She is screechy in certain scenes and the whole drunk act that she does is slightly boring. Overall an average act!

Gaurav Pandey who was also seen as Varun Dhawan’s friend in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania does a good job in this film as Tiger’s brother. His comic timing is excellent!

Kay Kay Menon’s villainous character is highly caricaturish. He is wearing weirdly blingy ties and if you could pay attention beyond those, you would realize his mean look is the same as that in ABCD.

Nathan Jones as Raka looks scary enough thanks to his huge structure itself. His ‘Surprise Surprise’ line although doesn’t come across as a threat much but seems rather funny. With no dialogues, he is just expected to open his jaws (with vocals like haaa), widen his eyes and that’s your villain.

Shraddha Kapoor makes a cameo in the film. While her scene is not actually impressive, the dialogue which comes after it, “Usne (Flying Jatt) Toh Shakti Kapoor Ki Beti Ko Chuna” is more funnier!

A Flying Jatt Review: Direction, Music

When the film was announced, I did feel that it seemed like an overly ambitious project for Remo who is primarily a choreographer and hence can be a storyteller of sorts but not a director. His vision of coming up with a superhero drama with a message is not bad but its execution and writing is not upto the mark.

It is disappointing to see a blatant rip-off of X-Men First Class’ Quicksilver’s iconic scene here. So not fair!

Graphics used to show us the history portions of Sikhs are decent enough. Action scenes between Tiger and Nathan Jones look like they have been worked hard upon.

Some scenes are hilarious such as Tiger dancing to Sunny Leone’s ‘Baby Doll‘.

While the first half moves away with all the fun frolic of Flying Jatt finding the right costume to coping with his fear of heights and his funny encounters when he goes to save the world keep you entertained, it is the deadly second half that disappoints.

What’s with telling people pollution is the cause of cancer? This starts to make you feel like the second half is a Swachch Bharat ad-campaign.

The climax is out of the world we could say and actually, it is literally out of the world. We see Flying Jatt fighting with Raka into space, the only place where he won’t get to breathe polluted air to become stronger than our Jatt whose energy comes from his turban. (LOL!)

Another problem with this film is the music album. They are completely forced into the plot and other than Toota Jo Kabhi Taara which is a love ballad, have no relation to the storyline.

The background score too is quite irritating every time Raka is on-screen.

All in all, Remo comes up with a film that could serve as a fun lesson for kids on why not to pollute air, why to eat ‘lauki’ (because superhero bhi khata hai) and the fact that if you’re an Indian superhero, Ghar ke jaale saaf karna would definitely be your thing!

A Flying Jatt Review: The Last Word

A Flying Jatt is too silly for adults but could promise enough fun for kids. So I’d recommend this film for ‘Adults accompanied with kids’ only! A 2.5/5 for this!

A Flying Jatt Trailer

A Flying Jatt releases on 25th Aug, 2016.

Share with us your experience of watching A Flying Jatt.

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  1. @Subhasish
    Just shut your mind
    Surabhi Redkar have been analysed the movie by critics view point very well and she is absoulutly right while reading this review same i thought after watching Flying Jutt as a audience at thearters today
    Some fans of Tiger shroff will not agree what i mean above that even the movie is scraching a head while you guys will clap it by aplouding coz your mind is absoulutly kiddish
    I hope and recommend u to watch recently released hollywood hindi dubbed movies at theaters

  2. That Quicksilver’s iconic scene you are talking about was not in X-Men: First Class but in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

  3. Surabhi Mdam, This seems to be a biased review. How you can give 2.5 stars to such a flop film. I watched the film yesterday and wanted to leave it in between many times. It can only entertain Children to some extent. It was pretty similar to RAVAN. Special effects were also not up to the mark. It’s a 100 % failure. I am not going to follow Surabhi Redkar anymore. Koimoi is also loosing credibility with this type of misleading reviews.

  4. Tiger shroff HAS fluke successes in past 2 movies

    it would be huge gamble to make tiger shroff movies if budget of a
    movie is over 20 cr that includes p.a.

    Tiger shroof movie can be hit only if it has great songs
    super action and charming actress as co star,
    his dialoge delivery and smile is lousy,

    i guess his end will be like kumar gaurav. hence he should
    act in one movie at a time with super action and songs
    and lovely costar,someone like shradda kapur which has
    a charm, or he would be gone …………………………………..

    Finally movie with Sardars NAME or character would appeal
    in north not all over india,singh is bling or few were exceptional
    flukes,so my advice its not wise for producers directors
    to gamble on such name or subjects if budget of movie
    is over 20cr plus p.a………………………………………….
    as ratio of hit or flop would be 9flops one hit.

  5. istly i wil advice to filmmakers title of film will only have sardarjis
    intrest,not all india, hence its gamble to make a movie whoes
    cost +p.a. is over 20 crores that also with tiger shroff. i would
    say its brainless decision to invest in such movie,

  6. Heropanti and baagi movie is vary very nice but flying jatt movie only nice but dont very tiger shrrof next time is best and I don’t like superhero movie I like only marslart fight movie

  7. best movie in favor of Sikh religion. Few Bollywood movies which are in favor of Sikh Religion. in this movie represent the Sikh Religion and old Punjab History which is momentary to known for every person.

  8. Tiger Shroff will be future Michael Jackson in Bollywood he is such a kind-hearted person. Flying Jatt movie first movie represents the Sikh Religion or History of Sikhs.


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