Creators of the hit sitcom Stranger Things have been sued for allegedly stealing the idea and concept of the show by a filmmaker.

Charlie Kessler claims that brothers Matt and Ross Duffer took the idea for the sci-fi/supernatural series from his short film Montauk and a related feature film script titled The Montauk Project, according to the lawsuit, reports

Kessler claims he met and discussed his film and script with the Duffer brothers at a premiere party during the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2014, according to court documents which were filed on Monday.

'Stranger Things' creators sued for stealing show's concept
Stranger Things Makers Are In A Legal Coup Because Of Stealing Concept

Montauk, which won an award at the Hamptons Film Festival in 2012, was a found-footage sci-fi short that told the story of a violent event that took place in the Long Island community. The premise dealt with conspiracy theories, secret government projects and the paranormal, as described in the lawsuit.

A policeman haunted by his past was among the key characters.

Stranger Things, which has two seasons under its belt with a third on the way, centers on a group of children and teens, who get wrapped up in a government conspiracy. A local police chief, played by David Harbour, is also a central character.

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