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PM Narendra Modi

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Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Boman Irani, Barkha Bisht

Director: Omung Kumar

Writer: Anirudh Chawla

Producer/s: Sandip Singh, Suresh Oberoi, Anand Pandit


pm narendra modi Review

PM Narendra Modi Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Manoj Joshi, Prashant Narayanan, Boman Irani

Director: Omung Kumar

PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: Even The Greatest Stories Need Good Narrators!
PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: Even The Greatest Stories Need Good Narrators!

NOTE: Any of my below comments is on the movie and not the person. So, before bashing, please know I’ve always been a fan of Narendra Modi (and also I’ve never had suicidal thoughts).

What’s Good: A rough idea of what all Narendra Modi has been through – though I can’t vouch for how much shown in the film is a complete truth

What’s Bad: It crosses every limit of calling itself a biopic – it just goes into a different zone from which it never comes back

Loo Break: Two conditions – If you’re some other party’s fan or you’re a die-hard movie buff

Watch or Not?: Rewatch the election results’ coverage that happened today, you’ll be more satisfied

User Rating: 

The story is set throughout the country, but it starts of course with Gujarat. We see Naru aka Narendra Damodardas Modi selling tea for his living. He stays with his parents and siblings with a vision of doing something for the country. Saluting wherever he sees Indian flag and he sees it very frequently, Narendra is confused in choosing his career from – an army-man, a monk or something in politics. He decides to become a monk and goes to hills, to spend the rest of his life.

He meets a senior monk there who teaches him a few important life-lessons over the course of two years. Now, Narendra Modi wants to do something for the country, and hence he joins Gujarat politics. He levels up to the political scenario over there, and free the public from the tyrannical rule over there. He becomes everyone’s favourite but unfortunately is pushed from his own party. He returns back stronger and be the Chief Minister of Gujarat. The rest of the story sums up his race towards the top tier of political hierarchy – Prime Minister.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: Even The Greatest Stories Need Great Narrators!
PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: Even The Greatest Stories Need Great Narrators!

PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: Script Analysis

Being a biopic, Sandip Ssingh’s story is inspired by our Prime Minister’s life, but it takes way too many liberties to prove a point. I’m not at all denying the greatness of Mr Modi, but the film emotionally manipulates you to believe things. The whole flashback sequences of PM’s childhood, he going to the hills are stretched more than required. Poorly written lines, melodramatic angles, characters overacting just add to the dragging narrative of the film.

It has certain good moments but the majority of the film is filled with many cringe-worthy ones. The last thing it required was pop-patriotism, and it has a lot of it. The screenplay is as flawed as the story; it just doesn’t give you a chance to connect with it. A very good point mentioned by someone at the screening: “I could’ve tried to like the film if it wasn’t based on someone’s real life.” There are many incidents swept under the rug, very conveniently and we know it because we’ve seen it happen.

PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: Star Performance

Vivek Oberoi proves to be miscast. Neither he gets the tone right, nor he gets the look right. He looked similar in the later portions of Mr Modi’s life, but that’s mainly because of the make -up. He goes over-the-top in many scenes with his handwork and the way of delivering dialogues.

Manoj Joshi has done a decent job as Amit Shah. As described in the film he was Sehwag & Veeru to Modi’s Tendulkar & Jai. The chemistry between both the leads could’ve been better, but everything crawls because of a lazy screenplay. Prashant Narayanan proved to be the best of the lot. His portrayal of a corrupt business is filled with sass, and he carries it very stylishly.

Star Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Manoj Joshi, Boman Irani, Zarina Wahab, Darshan Kumar, Rajendra Gupta

Director: Omung Kumar

Producer: Suresh Oberoi, Sandeep Singh, Archana Manish, Anand Pandit

PM Narendra Modi Box Office Review: A Treat For NaMo Fans
PM Narendra Modi Box Office Review: A Treat For NaMo Fans

Expectations: PM Narendra Modi – A biopic of our current Prime Minister was earlier scheduled to release on April 12 but Election Commission cancelled the plans of makers citing that it won’t be fair to release the film during the Lok Sabha Elections.

Now, that Narendra Modi is set to return as PM again, the film release has happened on May 24 and it’s the best possible period for public exhibition. The hype around the man – Narendra Damodar Das, is at its record best and everyone expects it to help his biopic.

Impact: The film opened to fair occupancies on Friday and when I watched the evening show in Borivali, Mumbai the hall was about 25% full. It was nice to see the family audience coming to watch the film. They even clapped during the end of the film which was the oath scene of Modi.

PM Narendra Modi will be loved by his huge number of fans and lovers because the film has established him as one of the greatest persons ever in India. The film praises the character of PM Modi in abundance and his fans will love it.

However, the storytelling could’ve been more subtle and more realistic which would’ve made it universally appealing. Having said that, the film is bearable. If not in cinemas, you can wait and watch it on small/digital screens.

Box Office Prospects: PM Narendra Modi had a lukewarm start at the Box Office but it will still take some benefit of NaMo season and his stardom in coming few days. The total collections, however, may still not create a mark because exactly 10 days from now, big Eid film Bharat will hit the cinemas and will take away the screens of all films.

PM Narendra Modi will do business somewhere in 18-22 crores range.

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