Arshdeep :24, MBA student, Delhi
Minakshi :26 Unemployed

Arshdeep Minakshi met through a wrong number that Minakshi dialed 3 years back. They got talking, met, fell in love and have been living together for the last year and a half. Both are in love with each other but just cant get over their differences. She is fed up of trying to fit in with his friends and match his lifestyle and he is fed up of trying to get through to her so that they can work their problems out.

UTV Bindass Love Lockup Arshdeep-Minakshi Still

The issues”

He thinks she embarrasses him in public. Arshdeep is a rich Delhiite and loves to socialize and party. His friends do not really like Minakshi and feel she isn’t really good enough for him. He claims she embarrasses him in public with her lack of social grace, she says she does not really like to dress up for others, flaunt clothes and party. She prefers staying home.

Minakshi is older than Arshdeep, a fact that she is not too comfortable disclosing. His friends and family believe this to be another reason the two are not compatible.

Although Arshdeep is still living off his father’s money, he is supporting Minakshi completely. He claims she does not value this and has no real value for money as she shops for things she wont ever wear or use. She says that she is not in the relationship for the money because if she was she would have picked a richer guy, not one who is living off his father.

UTV Bindass Love Lockup Arshdeep-Minakshi Still

Minakshi wants Arshdeep to be the one person who understands her every need and provides for it without her having to ask for things. Arshdeep says he tries his best to do so, but if he does not realize a few things she needs she needs to voice it. She refuses to do so and says, “If you love me, which I know you do, you need to know exactly what I need. I will not justify or explain myself. Why cant I be the way I am?” This attitude is a major cause for worry for Harshdeep Ashdeep’s brother who goes into the lock up to help them resolve their issues. Both the brothers are worried about how Arshdeep’s parents will be able to get along with Minakshi if she remains this way.

Arshdeep is very upset that Minakshi does not talk openly about what has happened in her past. She is still in touch with a few people she was involved with in the past and when Arshdeep questions it, she says she need not explain herself.

Minakshi thinks all of Arshdeep’s female friends have an eye on his money. She has a big problem with his friend Karanveer who strongly believes that Minakshi is not at all right for Arshdeep.

UTV Bindass Love Lockup Arshdeep-Minakshi Still

Arshdeep & Minakshi want to be on Bindass Love Lockup to give their love one last chance. As they are both really child-like at heart, the team decided to get the stars and directors of the film Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji to meet with them before they entered the lock up.  Ajay Devgan, Shazahan Padamsee and Madhur Bhandarkar were briefed about the couples problems and as soon as the formal introductions were over the couple erupted in a major fight right in front of the celebrity guests. He asked her to change a few things about the way she was for her own good, she said she would not change because he and his friends wanted her to change. She was what she was and would do what she wanted. Ajay intervened and tried to get the couple to calm down. They discussed her habit of sitting up all night cutting newspaper clippings, a fact that disturbs Arshdeep as she sleeps all day and stays up all night. She justifies herself by saying she was trying to improve her English, which is why she cut articles out of newspapers. They then discuss the fact that she does not like to socialize at all, something that is very much part of Arshdeep’s life. Ajay, Madhur and Shazaan listen to the fuming arguments between the couple and finally decide that they need to enter the lock up to sort out their issues, away from all other distractions. The stars lock up the couple wish them luck and leave. The couple settles in and soon after the first argument erupts over the ordering of daily necessities. Minakshi asks for tea, Arshdeep questions her and they discuss how she is totally addicted to tea and needs to cut down. The couple simmers down and get to making lunch when Harshdeep, Arshdeep’s brother, walks in. He has been watching the couple from the viewing room and once in says that its Arshdeep who is doing all the work. Harshdeep says that Minakshi does not really do anything around the house and he does not think she’s too right for his elder brother. A heated argument breaks out and soon all three are yelling at each other.

Several times in the lock up, Minakshi tells Arshdeep she does not want to be with him and he should leave her. He keeps telling her that he loves her immensely, a fact she clearly doubts, and that if only she calms down and stops over reacting they will be able to make this relationship work. Through allegations the couple is made to confront each other over things that they have not yet said directly to each other. To address the fact that Minakshi has not been working the team gives her a task of painting T-shirts and then take her out to sell them to a nearby mall. While Minakshi is learning the worth of hard-earned money, Arshdeep is asked to set up for a romantic dinner until she returns. Minakshi makes over Rs. 2,000 Rs which they donate to an NGO and after long the couple enjoys some tender loving moments.

When the couple therapist, Dr. Sayeeda Rukhsheeda, is sent in to intervene, she struggles with trying to get Minakshi to see the fact that Arshdeep is trying to understand her, and if she wants this relationship to work she has to accept that he is human and will not always know exactly what she wants.

The story has multiple points where it seems this couple is so much in love and will not part ways and yet immediately after when an argument breaks out you feel there is no way they will stand each other for long. The story ends on the verdict where yet again a lot of fights break out. As a bonus at the end of it all, the couple post their decision meets with Ajay and the stars of ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’.

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