With speculations of Shah Rukh Khan replacing Salman Khan as the host of Big Boss Season 7 going viral over the internet, gossip mongers and rival facets are already rooting for their favorite Khan. Though there is no confirmed information on the rumours, it is a reason to ponder about whether SRK is an able successor for Big Boss at all! Though SRK is a more established figure as a presenter, with a more varied experience, Salman Khan in his latest stints proved to be an insurmountable figure as well. The call between two ace presenters here is tough. And if Big Boss team is actually considering this, they have a messy and complicated decision to make here.


Koimoi here eases out their job by closely looking at the television careers of both Salman and Shah Rukh, and whether each is just as good as the other here or we indeed have a winner on this one.

Salman Khan’s first taste of television came in 2009 with Sony Entertainment Television’s Dus Ka Dum. A money making, reality game show, it was a hit feat for Salman mainly. His first venture at TV popularized him vastly. This show opened to a good Television Rating Point and continued for two consecutive seasons. The show was instrumental in catapulting a sinking Sony back to the third leading position, as per the Indian Televisions Ratings.

Shah Rukh Khan And Salman Khan
Shah Rukh Khan And Salman Khan

Following the success of his 2009 film Wanted, Big Boss’ team decided to rope him in as the presenter of their show. Succeeding Amitabh Bachchan, who had hosted Big Boss 3, Salman undoubtedly put up a brilliant work. He was immensely popular and quirky, which made the team retain him for the next two seasons to come. Though there are doubts over his appearance in Big Boss 7, one can easily predict it is hard to match his footsteps at this for sure.

This year, Star Guild Awards decided to assign the role of main presenter of the evening to Salman Khan. Keeping the audiences tickled and interested all evening, it was a pleasant surprise package of his trademark entertainment. One question mentally knocked people all evening, why had he never got this chance before, as he was so darn good at it! That successful stint is obviously the cue for many Award show teams to approve him and he will definitely be approached to present a greater number of Award shows in 2014.

Shah Rukh Khan, who has largely had a more tried and tested fate at presenting and hosting shows has been doing it for ages. Initially, he began by hosting award shows, it was Kaun Banega Crorepati’s third season in 2007 which saw him as a full fledged television host. KBC in its first and second season, after being hosted by the gigantic colossal figure of Amitabh Bachchan, had almost become synonymous with his name with news of SRK replacing Big B, there were also reports of alleged animosity and ego clashes between the two popular stars. KBC 3 though opened to great reviews, audiences still were aching from the heart-sore of Amitabh’s exit from the show. After successfully hosting one season, Big B was convinced to return for the next season of the reality game show. Shah Rukh Khan’s efforts were however amply recognized by Indian Telly Awards and Global Film And Television Honors, both of them handed out to SRK the year’s Best Presenter Award.

SRK continued in television throughout 2008 with Star’s Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez hai. Armed with fifth graders, the show was an adorable one with oodles of General Knowledge meted out to participants and audiences. The show opened to a decent TRP.

In 2011, SRK was back with reality show Zor Ka Jhatka, which was most unimpressive and a dismal failure. The first season was hurriedly wrapped up within fortnight.

SRK is however one of the most sought after Awards show presenter in Bollywood. He keeps his audiences in tuned with his wit and sarcastic fun that he brings on stage. He has served as the host of many editions of Cine Awards and IIFA too, but mostly he has become synonymous with Filmfare. Along with, Saif Ali Khan, since the 48th edition of Filmfare Awards, he has hosted the 48th, 48th, 52nd, 53rd, 55th, 57th which he hosted with Ranbir Kapoor and 58th Filmfare awards. He definitely is one of the catchy elements that makes Filmfare Awards the interesting feat that it is, to stay hooked on.

As always, to choose between Salman and SRK is hard and offensive. To choose between the best is impossible, but both definitely bring to their shows their peculiar characteristics which are equally good! We at Koimoi are absolutely in awe of both stars and won’t taint our hands by picking out one from the two but will leave it to you. Who according to you is a better presenter? Vote on.




  1. when it comes in hosting a show salman is way bttr,,,,,,,,srk is gud for award shows where he can talk cheap n make fun abut oder…


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