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What would you think of a movie which has the whole ‘Mehndi’ clan seen and heard in different avatar, what with Daler Mehndi’s son Gurdeep Mehndi being launched as a hero, composer and singer? One would assume that it would be an out and out Punjabi dhamakedaar affair! However, even though there is so much Punjabi power in motion, there isn’t much to be showcased. The film has not been promoted much and there is no buzz either. Music too follows the same path even though there are seven original tracks in the offering.

Gurdeep Mehndi in Meri Shadi Karao Movie Stills
Gurdeep Mehndi in Meri Shadi Karao Movie Stills

Tenu Ki – Meri Shadi Karao Music Review

Gurdeep Mehndi makes an entry in a Daler manner as a singer with the first track Tenu Ki. Though the music and the lyrics belong to the era gone by, the track lacks the punch and turns out to be an average affair. Nikki Mehndi of hit Punjabi album Nakhra Punjaban Da fame dons the hat of lyricist along with Chandi but fails to impress. Even as a composer, Gurdeep falls short of making a ‘Patiala Peg’.

Jean Shean Pake – Meri Shadi Karao Music Review

Gurdeep moves forward and changes his style in Rana Vindalwala written Jean Shean Pake where rapper Arya brings hip hop style to this Punjabi-English track. This one showcases his talent and adds width to his singing ability. This track might be played in some clubs in North India though one still can’t say that it is a blockbuster material.

Meri Shadi Karao – Meri Shadi Karao Music Review

King of Punjabi pop Daler Mehndi makes an entry as a composer and singer with the title track Meri Shaadi Karao and gives the listeners taste of his powerful and captivating voice. This track can be termed as the highlight of the album. Shahab Allahabadi’s lyrics convey the gist of the movie aptly and the arrangements transfer you easily to an Indian wedding.

Dil Ne Mana – Meri Shadi Karao Music Review

Gurdeep Singh comes back as a composer and singer with Dil Ne Mana which is a soothing romantic ballad with a soft background to it. The track definitely turns the mood of the album and even rapper Gora Singh’s attempt fits in the whole picture. It is not a memorable evergreen track but then in an album filled with loud music, this gives the listener some respite.

Dil Vil Ke – Meri Shadi Karao Music Review

Shahab Allahabadi pens another song Dil Vil Ke which is rendered by Gurdeep. This one carries the romantic element of the album forward. It stands out due to the use of classical instruments which can be expected to capture interest of a section of audience. Gurdeep Mehndi’s voice has a colloquial Punjabi element and the track establishes that thought.

Naina – Meri Shadi Karao Music Review

Since it’s a family affair, more the merrier is the thought. Next track seconds that as Harjeet Mehndi makes an impression with Naina. Penned by Nikki Mehndi, the track has a classical touch and showcases Harjeet’s abilities. Though it is not another Rahat Fateh Ali Khan hit in the offering, it has potential to interest some listeners at the least.

Guru Ramdas Rakho Sharnai – Meri Shadi Karao Music Review

Album ends with a traditional Rababi Kirtan Guru Ramdas Rakho Sharnai which is sung in the Gurudwaras. Mehndi invites Kishen Pal Singh who hails from the lineage of Rababi Kirtanias and used to sing at Gurdwara Janam Asthan Sri Nankana Sahib. It’s a situation-based track that will fit in very well in the Punjabi based script and will add on to the narrative.

The Last Word – Meri Shadi Karao Music Review

Overall, the album feels like a platform for the whole family to showcase their talent, especially Gurdeep Singh who is wearing many hats. For the listener there is not much to grab though. Audience would have liked something on the lines of ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’ but sadly, that’s no the case.




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