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Sachin-Jigar seem to be the flavor of the season with them having belted out hit numbers one after the other in quick succession in films like ABCD – Any Body Can Dance and I Me Aur Main. Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story is the latest to join this list. Directed by first timer Vinnil Markan, who had earlier assisted in Kookie Gulati directed Prince (2010), this film too stars Vivek Oberoi along with Neha Sharma. Produced by Kumar Taurani, this film is purportedly a romantic caper with a twist.

Music plays an important role in creating the initial buzz and curiosity of any film, more so in the case of romantic films. Since this film falls under the romantic genre and also for the fact that its release has been scheduled for Valentine’s weekend, the expectation is that the music will prove to be a strong point. Music composers Sachin-Jigar along with lyricists Priya Panchal and Mayur Puri have managed to live up to the listener’s expectations.

Neha Sharma and Vivek Oberoi in a still from Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Movie
Neha Sharma and Vivek Oberoi in a still from Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Movie

Aa Bhi Ja Mere Mehermaan – Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Music Review

The album opens with the soulful Aa Bhi Ja Mere Mehermaan. With vocals by Pakistani singer, Atif Aslam, who also happens to make a special appearance in this film, this track is as good as it gets. The music video of this song has already created ripples in the online world and justly so. Aslam’s voice is so captivating & mesmerizing that we can even tend to overlook the fact that most of his hit numbers sound a little bit similar to each other. Priya Panchal’s lyrics about everlasting love & togetherness manage to strike a chord and needless to say, this number will be a guaranteed smash hit.

Thoda Thoda – Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Music Review

Next in line is the romantic Thoda Thoda sung by Sachin & Shreya Ghoshal. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Shreya sounding so wonderfully different in this number. Her silky smooth voice coupled with the slight hint of sensuousness works wonders and you are completely enamored by the magic of her voice. Her rendition ably complemented by Sachin’s vocals & Priya Panchal’s lyrics and last but not the least, Sachin-Jigar’s unique but captivating composition make this song the next superhit in the making from this album.

Dil Na Jaane Kyun – Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Music Review

Dil Na Jaane Kyun is the quintessential party song with vocals by Atif Aslam & Anushka Manchanda. This number sees Atif Aslam making a special appearance and it is interesting to see him getting out of his comfort zone and venturing into a territory, which essentially belongs to his co-singer. Anushka Manchanda excels in this track which seems to be totally tailor-made for her as against Aslam who seems to be a little out of sorts but manages to hold fort nevertheless. This rock number is a little bit of a letdown when compared with the first two songs in the album and is just plain average.

Hai Na – Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Music Review

The penultimate song of this album is the Hard Rock flavored Hai Na which is replete with electric guitar & drum sounds accompanied by thumping beats. It is an unconventional choice of genre for what is essentially a fun number where the lead pair is having a go at each other. Sachin-Jigar’s faith in Atif Aslam’s vocals in this album seems to be slightly unwarranted as Aslam’s voice does not seem to suit this song as well as it suited a number like Aa Bhi Ja, though he has tried his level best to add a rock edge in his rendition. Priya Panchal, who has also doubled up as a lyricist for this film, adds a nice zing to this number with the song itself taking a little while for it to grow on the listener in spite of its foot tapping beats.

Mashup – Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Music Review

The final track is the Mashup by DJ Kiran Kamath which is basically a remix of all the songs in the album. Personally, I have never really liked the idea of making a khichdi of multiple songs especially so, because I don’t really understand the need for such remixes in the context of a film album. But, this Mashup has been an exception since this was something I really enjoyed for no particular reason whatsoever; maybe because it was so simple & straight forward and at the same time also proved to be foot tapping & catchy.

The Last Word – Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Music Review

Overall, Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story has quite a few very good songs which will surely turn out to be chartbusters, the most notable ones being Aa Bhi Ja & Thoda Thoda. Sachin-Jigar, with their unorthodox mix of compositions, surely have a winner in their hands and it is really heartwarming to see these relatively new composers growing from strength to strength through the years. Here’s hoping that they continue to keep up their good work in the future too.

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