Working with perfectionist Aamir Khan has altered and upped the publicity policies of Yash Raj Films. Reportedly YRF is securely guarding information of Dhoom 3, refraining it from leaking in the media. Aamir Khan had previously pulled this stunt during the shooting of his last film Talaash. A supernatural thriller, the film was kept in such closed wraps that even the unit of film did not have the whole picture of the film’s script.

This time again YRF is particularly following a similar method for Dhoom 3. The production house directed editing company Prime Focus to pay special attention on Dhoom 3 and ensure no vital information of the film leaks out in the media. YRF was so specific about it that they insisted the film’s editing be done inside YRF studios and not in the studio of their editing company!

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 Movie Stills
Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 Movie Stills

YRF is making space for creating a makeshift editing studio for the pending work of Dhoom 3. The team and their essential equipments will be shifted to YRF studios as well to facilitate the same.

A leading daily confirmed this news from reliable sources who affirmed that YRF has a very precautionary stance on Dhoom 3 and insist that all the editing work be done under their supervision. Any footage of Dhoom 3 leaking could be fatal for the film’s publicity policy!

This had worked well for Talaash and might work well for Dhoom 3 as well. A multiple reasons will help popularize the film, mostly the factor that it is an Aamir Khan film which belongs to the immensely successful Dhoom series!

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