Disney Sidekicks Have A Special Place In Our Hearts - Abu, Genie, Timon, Pumbaa & More Are Examples!
From Helping The Lead To Making Us Laugh – These Disney Sidekicks Are Some Of The Best In The World! (Photo Credit: ew.com & syfywire)

Disney movies are nothing without their sidekicks, and the amazingly colossal list they have is proof. From best friends to their fairy godmothers and even pets, Disney princesses and even princes have their own trusted confidants that we too want in real life.


From helping the studio’s royalty success in their lives to just making laugh, cry and smile, these Disney sidekicks have at times been at par as the film’s lead. Today, we bring you some of the best (mostly animals) who played the second fiddle in the movies but shined as bright as the stars.


From Abu & Genie in Aladdin to Timon & Pumbaa from The Lion King, check out our list of the best Disney sidekicks in animated films.

Abu & Genie – Aladdin

Abu & Genie Played Aladdin’s Sidekick The Disney Films
Abu & Genie In Stills From Aladdin

First on our list is Abu and Genie. Abu has been with the Aladdin, the poverty-stricken but well-meaning Agrabah thief for ages. And while on the quest to find the magic lamp for the evil Jafar, Aladdin releases Genie and the blue friendly jin becomes his second-best friend for life.

While Abu helped him steal food and guide him a not so righteous path, Genie changed his entirely by making him a price to win the heart of princess Jasmin. The rapport the Disney prince shares with both his sidekicks aka friends surely put a smile on your face while making you laugh a good dozen-plus times.

Pascal and Maximus – Tangled

Pascal & Maximus Were The Disney Sidekicks Of Rapunzel & Flynn Ride In Tangled
Pascal & Maximus In A Still From Tangled

Next on our list are the Disney sidekicks Pascal & Maximus – both headstrong and independent characters. While Pascal is a chameleon who Rapunzel spends her days with, Maximus is the head of the palace guard. During her stay locked in the tower, Pascal is Rapunzel’s sole companion (except for Mother Gothel who makes pit stops) and trusted advisor.

As for Maximus, he is on the hunt to catch Flynn Ride who stole the princess’ crown from the palace and do right by the kingdom and its King and Queen. The two animal sidekicks help the two realize their love for each other before they get their ‘happily ever after’. They also keep the young love birds save from harm coming their way because of Mother Gothel and the bandits.

Sebastian – The Little Mermaid

Sebastian Was Princess Ariel’s Sidekick In The Little Mermaid
Sebastian In A Still From The Little Mermaid

Sebastian is an abundantly cynical crab who keeps imparting his wisdom on Princess Ariel as she wants to discover the world. Along with Flounder is and Scuttle, the trio all work together to help their princess set up a date, rescue their friend from an evil witch, and even put themselves in danger to help the Disney royalty. With such sidekicks, you will always get the girl/boy of your dreams.

This cantankerous crustacean, a pompous and proud member of King Triton’s court, serves as the recipient of the film’s physical comedy and we aren’t complaining.

Timon and Pumbaa – The Lion King

 Timon & Pumbaa Accompanied Simba On His Journey In The Lion King
Timon & Pumbaa In A Still From The Lion King

Timon and Pumbaa met the Disney king (given that Mufasa was killed in the stampede he is the new ruler of the kingdom) while a young Simba had exiled himself from his family. The duo, who were pretty laid back and always said ‘Hakuna Matata,’ practically raised the lion.

While they always said there was nothing to worry about, the fear of Simba always broke their hearts. They patiently taught him the ropes of life and almost served as his father figures. This Disney sidekick is really special for this reason alone.

Olaf and Sven (Frozen)

Olaf & Sven Played Anna & Kristoff’s Sidekick In Frozen
Olaf & Sven In A Still From Frozen

The most recent Disney sidekicks, who have a place in our hearts, are Olaf and Sven from the movie Frozen. While Olaf is a snowman created by Princess Anna’s elder sister Queen Elsa, Sven is Kristoff’s trusted companion. The duo helps the Disney princess and her (not-so) prince in shining armour on their quest to find Elsa and return to the kingdom.

Not only do they add to the comic element in the film, but it is also these Disney sidekicks who notice the duo falling for each other.

Which sidekicks from Disney’s animated films are your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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