FRIENDS is one of the most loved sitcoms. What’s interesting about this 90s show is that its fandom comprises of all age groups, thanks to the amazing humour, wonderful cast and the relatability factor. The show gave us 6 crazy friends – Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe played by Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow, respectively.

Every show has some mistakes which the makers leave it deliberately or sometimes, they just forget to notice. Even FRIENDS had numerous mistakes in several episodes which not all of you have noticed. We have listed down a few mistakes or goof-ups in several episodes and you can rewatch them to know they are true.

FRIENDS: Rewatch The Show RIGHT NOW To Notice These 5 Major Goof-Ups!
FRIENDS: Rewatch The Show RIGHT NOW To Notice These 5 Major Goof-Ups!

Take a look at some goof-up which are hard to ignore:

The One Where Monica Introduces Rachel And Chandler

In the pilot episode, Monica introduces Rachel to everyone when the latter enters the Central Perk in her wedding dress. However, it’s weird as Rachel and Chandler had hooked up during a party (watch episode The One Where Stripper Cries – season 10, episode 11). Even in several flashback episodes, Rachel meets Chandler at Monica and Ross’ house.

The One With Ross’ Lie

In the series, David’s character Ross initially says that he only slept with Carol and Rachel. However, in the episode The One With Rachel’s Assistant, we get to know that his character had slept with an elderly library assistant at university. Not only that, in season two when he was dating Julie, he says that he got lucky with her ‘twice’. Hmm, a very big goof-up!

The One With Joey’s Agent Estelle

In episode 11 of season 1 (The One With The Birth), the doctor who does Ross and Carol’s baby’s delivery is the same actress who plays Joey’s agent, Estelle. How can you guys miss this one?

The One Where Chandler Says ‘I Love You’

Monica and Chandler’s love story drama was one hell of an entertainment. Initially, they were just having fun fooling around but later, things got serious and Chandler fell in love with Monica ‘twice’. You read it right! In the episode The One with All the Thanksgivings (Season 5, Ep 8), Chandler ends up telling Monica he loves her. Yet in the episode The One Where Everybody Finds Out (Season 5, Ep 14) when he repeats the same thing, Monica is surprised to know about his feelings. But didn’t he say he loves her a few episodes before?

The One Where Monica Is Replaced

In the episode ‘The One With Rachel’s Date’ (Season 8, Ep 5), Phoebe and Monica have a chat on the couch of Central Cafe. However, when the camera is focused on Phoebe with Monica’s back, Courteney is replaced with some other woman. When the camera focuses on Monica again, it’s Courteney’s back! Did you figure out that Monica was replaced on the show for a few seconds?

If you still have doubts on these goof-ups, you should definitely rewatch the episodes and find it out!

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