The Drew Barrymore Show: Gordon Ramsay’s 19-Month-Old Son Oscar Steals The Limelight During The Interview
The Drew Barrymore Show: Gordon Ramsay’s 19-Month-Old Son Oscar Steal The Show Amid His Interview

Among the various A-List Hollywood celebrities is a 19-month-old Oscar, who happens to be celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s son. This little kiddo has over 293k followers on Instagram and his pictures and videos go viral in literally no time.

Gordon often shares his pictures and videos on his official Instagram page too and his grumpy face has been the talk of the town a few times.

Gordon Ramsay appeared at Drew Barrymore’s show recently and the actress asked the chef, how does he reciprocate to people’s feelings and said, “How do you process people’s feelings afterwards? Because that is my downfall. I literally sit there, “Did I upset them? Did I hurt them? Did I freak them out?” Like I eviscerate myself in a self-loathing spiral. How do you deal with that, I’m literally asking life advice?”

Replying to Drew, Ramsay said, “That’s a good question. People’s feelings are different. Your feelings, your temperament, your thick skin and you have that on multiple levels on a daily basis. I deal with a problem first and then I start piecing the feelings together. If you start treading on egg shells and you start worrying about the feelings before identifying the problem then you go all the way around, so feelings are personal and sometimes you have to get through to their feelings to understand how big the problem is.”

Gordon Ramsay continued and said, “That’s a very different juxtaposition to understand, how far do you push them? I do understand their feelings but I’m very good about bringing people back up. Deal with the problem, get it off your chest, understand where we are going and then start working with the feelings. Don’t worry about the feelings to begin with because you’ll never get to the heart of the problem Drew and you’ll be there for seven days trying to get the message across. You and I need to spend more time together.”

Adding to the conversation, Drew Barrymore said, “I know and I’m realising it’s because I didn’t have parents. I’m not kidding and parents put you in your place and I never had that. I lived a life where I had access to everything and no one was discipling me ever.”

Gordon Ramsay then gets his 19-month-old son in the video and says, “Drew this is the one man that puts me in my place.”

Watch the full conversation here:

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