Tenet, Interstellar Or Inception - Christopher Nolan Is A Man Of Astonishing Filmmaking Style & These Facts Are Proof
Tenet, Interstellar Or Inception – Christopher Nolan Is A Man Of Astonishing Filmmaking Style & These Facts Are Proof

Christopher Nolan is one of the brilliant filmmakers if we talk about film industries all over the globe. The way he leaves everyone astonished with his films, no one does.

But the ace-filmmaker doesn’t just blow your mind with his films but also with the way he makes them.

As Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Tenet comes close to its release, you must have heard about how he crashed a real Boeing 747 plane in the film instead of using CGI. If that’s not it, even the title of his film is a metaphor for the theme. Just like we see time moving ahead and backward in Tenet, even the title does that. Read ‘Tenet’ from start or from behind, it reads the same.

Of course, it’s not the first time Nolan has shocked us with his filmmaking style, he has done it with all his films before. Therefore, today we bring to you some of the interesting facts and trivia about his previous films like Inception and Interstellar. We are sure these facts will leave you fascinated.

1) We all were left amazed to see the wormholes and black holes in Interstellar but do you how were they made? American physicist Dr. Kip Thorne was brought on board and as he collaborated with the VFX team, he provided pages of deeply sourced theoretical equations. The VFX team then created a whole new CGI software programs to create accurate computer simulations. Interestingly, some individual frames took up to 100 hours to render, and the whole CGI program reached to 800 terabytes of data.

2) To shoot a particular cornfield scene in Interstellar, Christopher Nolan went on to grow 500 acres of corn which he had from his producing of 2013 film Man Of Steel. The corn was later sold and made a profit.

3) While shooting for Interstellar in Iceland, Anne Hathaway’s astronaut suit got unzipped while in the icy water. As a result, she suffered from hypothermia.

4) Now this will surely leave you saying wow. Christopher Nolan got Hans Zimmer to write the score of Interstellar without telling him anything about it. The filmmaker was pretty satisfied by the results as he later said that the score composed by Hans Zimmer in the film is the strongest and most powerful one he has so far created. Many people even stated that they cried during the docking sequence when Endurance is spinning and the crew needs to dock their Ranger to it.

5) For Inception, Nolan didn’t even research dreams while writing the screenplay. He wanted to use his own experiences and feelings rather than outside information and that’s what he did.

6) A dream scene in Inception in which the van falls off the bridge in slow motion took months to shoot. Dileep Rao, who played the driver Yusuf himself said that they would shoot it one day, go off and shoot something else. Then they continued the same process for long. He said that the whole process was so complex and there were so many locations and so many different moves he had to do.

7) Leonardo DiCaprio played a lead role in Inception and all the casting related decisions were made around him. Reportedly, Nolan always knew that he wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of Cobb, so according to him they were just trying to cast the best people he could find for those parts, who felt right around Leo.

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