Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' Early Reviews: Robert Pattinson Praised For His Performance & Called 'Charming Wingman'
Tenet Early Reviews OUT: Christopher Nolan’s Film Is Cited As A Masterpiece & Frustrating As Well! (Image courtesy: Getty Images)

Christopher Nolan’s much-awaited movie ‘Tenet’ was screened recently in the US and as per the first reviews, John David Washington and Robert Pattinson movie have been getting praises for its wonderful direction.


People are calling Tenet Nolan’s masterpiece. Not only direction, but the movie is also being praised for its beautiful visual grammar. But some reviews are also calling the movie lesser than expected.


Robert Pattinson, whom we are soon going to see essaying the Batman, has received accolades for his role as the ‘charming wingman’. The reviews have made us more excited to wait for the film. Tenet will be available for US audience very soon and is trying to be the first film after movie halls reopen on 31st August 2020. Here are some early reviews for you to read.

Though according to Slash film review, Tenet is a bit frustrating and tiring, “The film provides almost as many lines of exposition as it does flurries of bullets, with even the closing remarks of the film providing an overt explanation of the events that just transpired. It can be a bit frustrating if you’ve been paying close attention along the ride, but maybe it’s hard to fault the need. The end result, unfortunately, is a film that presents itself as more dense than it really is, off-putting for some but repetitive and predictable for those attuned the magic trick that Nolan’s attempting to pull off.”

As per the review in Variety, “That the film turns out to be more straightforward — however ornately presented — than our wildest speculation about it is quite disarming…Again, his musings are rooted more in physics than philosophy or psychology, with the film’s grabby hook — that you can change the world not by traveling through time, but inverting it — explored in terms of how it practically works, not how it makes anyone feel.”

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