Steven Spielberg’s Daughter Mikaela Spielberg On Domestic Violence Case Being Dismissed: “Want To Feel Safe Again”
Steven Spielberg’s Daughter Mikaela Spielberg On Domestic Violence Case Being Dismissed: “Want To Feel Safe Again”

Steven Spielberg’s daughter and an adult film star Mikaela Spielberg was arrested in late February on domestic violence charges. These charges came up after she was involved in an incident involving her ex-fiancé Chuck Pankow.


Pankow is trying to reinstate his good name after a Nashville, Tenn. court dropped all charges against her. Howard Gentry, Criminal Court records, indicate that the 24-year-old’s misdemeanour domestic violence case was dismissed on Sept. 1. It has also since then been designated as closed.


According to reports in Fox News, Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela Spielberg, in a recent interview, said, “I feel that dropping the case was exactly right, which is to start to engage in restorative justice. I just want to feel safe again. I was innocent.”

At the time of the alleged incident involving Pankow, Spielberg was hit with the misdemeanour charge despite Penkow saying that her arrest was nothing more than a miscommunication with officers at the scene.

Mikaela was released on a $1,000 bond after spending 12 hours in police custody. She revealed that this entire episode left her heartbroken and betrayed as she ha called for medical assistance. She knew that nothing much could be done as the officers were simply following the procedures.

Spielberg maintains her innocence and simply hopes to put the ordeal behind her following the court date that resulted in all charges against her being dropped. “I’m not bitter about it. I’m traumatized,” she lamented.

“I feel like the frequency of which I was checked on during that time period was not enough. I feel like my community didn’t reach out enough to ask me what was going on. I’m deeply, deeply concerned, fearful and traumatized now that this is over,” said Mikaela Speilberg

Furthermore, she expressed deep gratitude for her attorney’s diligent work on the case. “I feel better that the state was willing to meet me halfway and use restorative justice in this situation. I’m not a malicious person or a person looking to do evil when I step into the world.”

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