Scarlett Johansson’s FIRST Reaction To Black Widow’s Death In Avengers: Endgame Is 'Not' Shocking
Scarlett Johansson’s FIRST Reaction To Black Widow’s Death In Avengers: Endgame Is ‘Not’ Shocking (Photo Credit – Instagram / Scarlett Johansson )

Avengers: Endgame witnessed a lot of sacrifices. Our hearts broke when we saw Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man die. Just not he, even Chris Evans aka Captain America gave up on his powers. If that wasn’t enough, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, too, sacrificed herself in order to fulfil the mission of eliminating Thanos.

Well, to our surprise, our on-screen Natasha Romanoff was not shocked when she learnt about Black Widow’s fate. Most of us know, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame were shot back to back. But what we don’t know is that Scarlett was made aware of her character’s death even before any of these films began.

Scarlett Johansson in a conversation with Empire Magazine opened up all about it. She began, “It was before shooting Infinity War that I was made aware of what was going to happen in Avengers: Endgame. Kevin (Feige) called me and said, ‘Look, obviously we’re at a place where there’s going to be big sacrifices and big losses’. We had all anticipated that. So it didn’t seem out of character.”

Scarlett Johansson continued, “It kind of made sense to me, I guess, even though I was sad about it. But after I hung up the phone I remember I thought, ‘Okay, I guess it’s me’. And it took me a minute to process it. It was bittersweet, but it was not a shock.”

In fact, the makers had actually planned to kill Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye instead. However, it was the crew who suggested Scarlett’s death instead. Writer Stephen McFeely had revealed about it on Twitter as, “A number of women on the crew, when we said, ‘Hey, we’re thinking maybe Hawkeye goes over,’ said, ‘Don’t you do that! Don’t rob her of this!’”

Soon after Avengers: Endgame released, a lot of fans were unhappy and felt Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow wasn’t given the ending she deserved. Are you one of those? Share your views in the comments section below.

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