Paris Hilton Felt Like ‘Being Electronically Raped’ While Making S*x Tape With Rick Salomon
Paris Hilton Felt Like ‘Being Electronically Raped’ While Making S*x Tape With Rick Salomon (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Paris Hilton created a lot of noise when her s*x tape leaked online. It was a traumatic experience for the diva who had filmed it in 2001. She was barely a teenager and was dating poker player, Rick Salomon, back then. The American media personality is now opening up about her experience.


Many know that the actress is coming up with her documentary, This Is Paris. She will be opening up about the darkest secrets of her life. One of those remains her controversial relationship with Rick. Hilton claims that she was forced into making the s*x tape.


Rick Salomon had distributed the s*x tape all over soon after their split in 2004. He titled it, ‘1 Night In Paris.’ Paris Hilton now reveals being devastated about it. It was her first relationship and she did so to make him happy.

According to The Sun, Paris Hilton mentions, “It was my first real relationship. Eighteen. I was so in love with him and I wanted to make him happy. And I just remember him pulling out the camera. And he was kind of pressuring me into it. It was like being electronically raped.”

The beauty also mentioned how she was heartbroken because her emotions were mocked at that point of time. She added, “If that happened today, it would not be the same story at all, but they made me the bad person. I did something bad…I was just so lost and desperate for love that I found the worst possible person.”

Yes, Paris Hilton does regret it all. “’I would say that the tape is something that I will regret for the rest of my life. I was a teenager; I was in love. I trusted the wrong person. And I let that happen. I think a lot of young girls – especially when you’re in a relationship – just want that love so bad and you trust that they’re going to keep something private, but you never know what’s going to happen, because people change, and some guys are not good people,” she shared.

What are your thoughts on Paris’ latest revelations?

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