Miley Cyrus Calls Her Father Billy Ray Cyrus ‘The Worst Dad Ever & It's HILARIOUS!
Miley Cyrus Calls Her Father Billy Ray Cyrus ‘The Worst Dad Ever & It’s HILARIOUS! (Pic credit – Getty Images / Billie Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus )

A while ago, Miley Cyrus gave a drop-dead gorgeous performance on MTV VMAs 2020 and stole the show. She performed on her new song ‘Midnight Sky’ wrecking ball style and fans went crazy over the same. The Climb singer started off her career with Disney with a hit show Hannah Montana.


Post the success of the show, Cyrus became crazy popular among the teens and enjoys a massive fan following on social media with 114 million followers on Instagram.


Miley Cyrus’ real-life father Billy Ray Cyrus played the character of her reel-life father on Hannah Montana and fans loved their genuine bond on the show.

In a recent podcast with ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ the Wrecking Ball singer spilt a lot of beans on her personal life including her relationship with her father, Billy.

While chit-chatting with the host, Cyrus said, “I’ve given him an award for worst dad ever.”

Explaining it later, Miley narrated a story about her childhood and said, “I had a head injury when I was, you know, 2 years old. It’s bad. My dad had me – this is really bad, but he can’t go to jail, I don’t think, because it’s a long enough time away.”

The Wrecking Ball singer further added, “He had me in a baby backpack and I was on a dirt bike with my dad. And he was riding, and a tree had fallen, and he ducked, I didn’t, and I hit my head on the tree. It was bad. So that’s what’s wrong. Everyone’s asked me that for years.”

Miley Cyrus further stated that it messed up her personality and said, “Maybe it knocked me into this identity or something”. She also revealed that her therapist knows about this incident and they have spoken about it a lot.

“So when I get really overwhelmed. I also have a tendency, when I know something’s really stupid, I just gotta try it, to know that it’s stupid, which makes it stupid, ’cause I already knew about it. Sometimes I’m like, is it better to know it’s dumb and do it? Or not know it’s dumb and do it?” Miley concluded.

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