Hugh Jackman Replacements For Wolverine
Hugh Jackman Replacements For Wolverine (Pic Credit – Hugh Jackman/Instagram)

Hugh Jackman said goodbye to Wolverine back in 2017 with his much-acclaimed film Logan. James Mangold directorial made the fans sob like a baby, especially that gut-wrenching climax.

Since then, there have been many developments and Wolverine will be coming to Marvel’s cinematic universe. Because of this, there have been talks about who will replace Hugh Jackman. Now, fans know, no one can but still there’s an eagerness to see who dares.


Hugh Jackman is known to be super-chill in real life as well as on social media. A fan of his posted a cute picture of two babies draped in Wolverine onesies. The tweet read: “The two little Wolverine’s @RealHughJackman”


Their cuteness caught the attention of our big guy and he quoted the fan’s tweet with someone hilarious. Hugh Jackman quoted the tweet and said, “Call off the search for a new #Wolverine. Here’s your heir and a spare. @yencita09.”

Isn’t this super-cute?

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman did pour his heart out on playing Wolverine for the last time in Logan while having a conversation with Anne Hathaway for Variety. He said, “There were so many crossovers by the end because I’d played it for so long. I knew it was going to be my last one way before we wrote it. I made that decision. There was a weight of expectation that I’d been carrying. I was super invested.”

He added, “I felt so in it. I was working with a director that I worked with three times before, who I trust implicitly, Jim Mangold. I remember when we shot that scene, we were shooting very high altitude, and there were thunderstorms going off everywhere, and we had to shut down. He just said, ‘We can’t do this big stunt scene. But we’re just going to do the death scene.’ I’m like, ‘Like, now?’ He goes, ‘I’m just going to have you and Dafne, and if you could just do that.’ I’m like, ‘All right.’ He knew that’s best for me.”

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