Hugh Jackman Calls His Lawyer To 'Cease And Desist' Ryan Reynolds!
Hugh Jackman Calls His Lawyer To ‘Cease And Desist’ Ryan Reynolds!

When there’s a clash of two big celebs, many of us enjoy it. It’s our guilty pleasure. Sometimes, these actors fight for real, and at times, they pretend that there’s bad blood between them. When it comes to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ ‘feud’ some people still have doubts it’s real or fake.

We may never get to see their Wolverine and Deadpool characters fighting each other on the screens. But Hugh and Ryan make sure to make our mundane lives enjoyable with their fake fights on social media. Sometimes, we really think they’ll claw out each other. While ‘fighting’ with each other, they flaunt their sense of humour and make us LOL.

This time again, the duo is back with another ‘feud’. All the Deadpool fans, including Ryan Reynolds himself, wants the third part of the movie. Now that the rights are with Marvel, everyone is worried if the film will happen or not. Looks like, Hugh Jackman can’t take the Free Guy actor need of DP 3 movie anymore.

Yesterday, a fan tweeted to Ryan Reynolds, “WE NEED IT RIGHT NOW @VancityReynolds”. To this, the actor responded, “Ditto.” That’s when Hugh Jackman mentioned that he wants to issue a ceases and desist to Ryan using a lawyer.

The Wolverine star wrote, “Hello Lawyer. Please issue a cease and desist to


for the blatant misuse of my likeness – as well as $610M for pain and suffering.”

Check out the tweets below:

The Deadpool actor has not replied to Hugh’s tweet yet.

Well, that’s another fun episode of Hugh Jackman Vs Ryan Reynolds. We wonder what’s going to happen next!

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