Ellen DeGeneres Trying To Please Her Employees With Fresh Apology & More Perks?
Ellen DeGeneres Trying To Please Her Employees With Fresh Apology & More Perks? (Pic credit – Getty Images / Ellen DeGeneres )

Ellen DeGeneres has been having a rather rough past few months. The US talk show host was under the scrutiny when her employees accused her of non-payment of dues. Pay cuts, mean behaviour, and toxic work environment allegations followed by. It all began with Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett made a comment that Ellen and her mistreatment of people is “common knowledge”.

Ever since then, there has been no stopping to the allegations levelled against Ellen DeGeneres by celebrities. But what fuelled the fire were staff and crew member of The Ellen DeGeneres Show seconding all claims of racism, s*xual harassment and other claims made against Ellen.

But now it looks like Ellen Degeneres has decided to start with remedy measure to turn away all the negativity. A certain report by Variety states that Ellen has issued another apology to her staff. The report states that a ‘teary DeGeneres apologize to employees for months of damaging reports and accused on-set toxicity that occurred “on her watch”’ during a virtual town hall.

Further more, the report also states that several new perks have been implemented for the staff of The Ellen DeGeneres Show including more paid time off and a more inclusive medical policy. The staffers will also get 5 paid day-offs that they can use at their own discretion, in addition, they will also get birthdays off, and paid time for doctors appointments and family matters.

Now these certainly do look like good remedy steps that have been either taken by Ellen DeGeneres or by The Warner Bros. Do drop in your thoughts in the comments section below.

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