Timothée Chalamet Cryptically Shows His Dismay About Warner Bros?
Did Timothée Chalamet Too Expressed Disappointment Over Warner Bros?(Pic credit – @daisyjownes/ Twitter)

Warner Bros has been at a receiving end of massive criticism after their move of releasing their 2021 slate simultaneously on HBO Max was announced. Knowingly, or maybe unknowingly, Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet has now entered the ring. Chalamet hosted the latest episode of Saturday Night Live and it was there where the netizens observed a hint and the actor is also against WB. Read on to know what exactly happened.

If you have not been following the news, Warner Bros who have a slate as long as 17 films in 2021 decided to release all of them on HBO Max the same day it releases in theatres. This left many filmmakers (Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve, others), theatre owners and a good part of the audience upset with it. Most recently, Timothée Chalamet who will be featuring in Dune, which is also a part of the new release model, cryptically showed that he is against the decision too.



Happens to be that the deal also includes Godzilla Vs Kong that partly belongs to the Legendary Pictures. The studio had even decided to take legal action against Warner Bros for not informing them about the decision of the release model. Timothée Chalamet on his SNL episode wore a sweatshirt that had Legendary Pictures’ logo on it. Now, this has been interpreted by fans as Chalamet’s stand on the ongoing feud between the 2 studios.

A user on Twitter wrote, “So seeing Timothée Chalamet wearing a Legendary Pictures hoodie at the end of SNL was a bit telling. They’re the production company that wants to sue WB over its release plan of #Dune.”

Another wrote, “Even if he hasn’t put out an official statement, This shirt spoke volumes about where #TimotheeChalamet stands in this fight between HBOMax and Legendary(Legendary is the company behind Dune that’s getting screwed in this HBOMax/Theaters Bullshit Deal.) YASSSSS KING YASSSSSS.”

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