Contagion: The world right now is dealing with Coronavirus Pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives so far. As it’s the first time this virus has sickened people, there is no cure available yet. The virus is spreading fast in different countries and hence, more people are falling sick adding to some unfortunate deaths. As it’s contagious, it’s rapidly spreading through human touch, not taking the treatment despite having the symptoms, and more. Now there’s this film called Contagion which is a mirror of the current situation, and I believe, everyone must watch it!

Contagion, a 2011 film by Steven Soderbergh depicts how human life is affected terribly due to the sudden death of people across the world due to an unknown disease. The film stars Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Lawrence Fishburne and Jennifer Ehle. Contagion is the scary reality which we are currently witnessing.

Contagion: Matt Damon & Kate Winslet's 2011 Film Shows Us Why Quarantine Is Important To Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic
Contagion: Matt Damon & Kate Winslet’s 2011 Film Shows Us Why Quarantine Is Important To Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

In the film, this virus is called MEV-1 which is carried by bats who pass it on to the pigs which are consumed by human beings. However, it takes a lot of time to figure out all this as the main concern for the doctors in this film is to find what it is exactly and how to fight it. Contagion isn’t an easy watch and is bound to make you uncomfortable, but you should watch it because it’s one of the best guides for all of us as we fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

In Contagion, director Steven has meticulously shown us how the virus can spread from one person to 100 to 1000 people. If the infected person holds the bus door and 10 other people touch it later, they also carry the virus with them. When these 10 people meet other 20 people (friends, families and colleagues) they pass on the disease to them and it’s a chain thereafter.

The film shows how the ones who ignore their symptoms until it gets worse die but people who act immediately are saved. We also get to see the cruelty of people for food and medicines due to the shortage. Aren’t we already facing the shortage of hand sanitizers, toilet papers and food at shops due to hoarding? Sadly, this is just the beginning of what’s more to come.

In the film, the situation calms down after many loss of lives and damage. It happens when people stay indoors and the infected ones quarantine themselves. With Kate Winslet’s character, Steven showed us how the doctors who work day and night to protect the patients die as they also get exposed to the virus. So, one must be grateful to these people for risking their lives for saving multiple patients.

Before we get any vaccine for Coronavirus, staying home is the first preventive measure people around the globe should follow. Even in the film, Steven has shown that it’s not easy to just be inside; but it’s necessary to prevent yourself and others from death. The shots of empty streets and lifeless office cubicles will make you feel gloomy, but that’s what going to save more people from getting exposed to the virus. The makers have also stressed on the act of frequently washing hands with soap or sanitizer to avoid getting infected.

But what we are observing now is that people are running away from the hospitals without finishing their treatments, the infected ones are still wandering at public places and bhajans are made to shoo away Coronavirus. As amusingly creepy as it may seem but even in Contagion, Jude Law’s character Alan, a freelance journalist, misleads people by telling them that a medicine called Forsythia will cure their condition. So there will be people taking advantage of this deadly situation for their publicity and other reasons, but one mustn’t fall for any such tactics.

Watch Contagion because it is relevant to our situation today. The film can be a lesson to all of us that if we don’t take precautionary actions now; if we don’t stay indoors and don’t get ourselves treated if the symptoms appear, this coronavirus pandemic can get worse and will take more time to get it in control. Right now, only collective effort by people to tackle this deadly virus by  the simplest steps can help the world heal and will bring back life to normalcy.

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