'Captain America' Chris Evans To Join Politics? At Least It Begins With 'The Starting Point'
‘Captain America’ Chris Evans To Join Politics? At Least It Begins With ‘The Starting Point’ (Pic credit: Facebook/Chris Evans)

Not for his remarkable acting talent or his super attractive charm, Captain America fame Chris Evans is making headlines for some another reason this time. The actor recently took a different route and launched his Political website titled The Starting Point. Recently while talking to Bill Maher, the actor even shed light on the chances of him running for the political office. Below is all you need to know.

Chris while talking about The Starting Point, called his political site a platform for civic engagement. The actor made an appearance on ‘Real Time With Bill Maher.’ It was here that the host asked him if this move is a step towards running for the political office.



Chris Evans giving an honest reply said that he doesn’t ‘know enough’ to think about that step as of yet. To which Maher replied, “Listen, I’m not pushing you to run or not run, but I just want to disabuse you of this one thing. I’ve spent a very long time in television talking to a lot of politicians… and you know a lot more than a lot of them do.”

“They are [expletive] idiots, a lot of them… There are no qualifications, and that is proven every day by the guy who is at the top of the world. He knows absolutely nothing. Don’t do it because you don’t want to do it, not because you think you know less than they do. Because they don’t have to know anything, and many of them don’t,” Bill Maher added responding to Chris Evans.

Evans still keeping his stand very much the same. And addressed the significance of joining politics, said, “Well I think my heart is in the right place but in politics, there is a real history of cause and effects you might think you’re fixing one thing and the downstream effect is something you could’ve never been aware of.”

“So I have to think before I dive into that recklessly. I think you can get away with that in my industry like ‘I’m gonna try and direct, why not’ but when it comes to politics you gotta have a bit more reverence,” Chris Evans added.

What do you have to say about Captain America actor running for the political office in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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