Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark & Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer Looking SHARP
Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark & Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer Looking SHARP

Marvel fans were heartbroken when Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark/Iron Man died in Avengers: Endgame. Since then, there have been many theories and debates on who should replace him. Some said Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the best candidate, others thought it should be Tony’s daughter Morgan. Some also want Harley, the kid from Iron Man 3 to wear the suit of armour.

Now, a new discussion is happening on Reddit about Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer. Remember Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2? He was as crazy as Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. He was also all about himself and wanted to do something big and show it off. When it comes to intelligence, he was very close to Stark. Sadly, Hammer turned out to be the bad guy and landed up in prison. A Reddit user started a discussion that MCU should now bring him back. But he should return as a changed and good person. A lot of fans loved Sam’s performance in Iron Man 2. So they want him to replace Downey’s superhero character.



A Reddit user named ‘u/Itthelight1’ posted, “They should bring back Justin Hammer, and this is how – After the events of Infinity War, they should have Hammer escaping the prison, and going to somewhere secret where he can make a new Iron Man suit, and this is where Norman Osborn comes into play. Norman buys the Avengers Tower and then turns it into Oscorp. Norman hires Hammer to build Iron Man suits and of his own, and then this sets up future events for future films. How would you bring Hammer back into the MCU?”

A lot of fans, even Robert Downey Jr fans shared their thoughts on it. This wasn’t the only post. There was another discussion by a Reddit user named ‘u/hamsolo19’ who mentioned in their post about how interactions between some characters didn’t happen. But in the comments, fans were talking about Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer’s return to MCU. One person commented, “I get that Hulk snapped everyone back, but I really wanted some Hulk Smash in the final battle.

One-off villains. Killmonger, Klaw (…kind of), The Black Order, Kaecilius.

Justin Hammer. We need more Justin Hammer.”

To this, another person responded, “I’m with you on Hammer simply because Sam Rockwell is so fuckin great. It’d be awesome if they find a way to get him involved again somehow.”. One more wrote, “With Tony gone after Endgame, I think it’s a great time to pepper in the Hammer.”

Read both the posts below:

They should bring back Justin Hammer, and this is how. from r/marvelstudios

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Do you think Sam Rockwell should return to MCU now that Robert Downey Jr is not a part of it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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