A$AP Bari Announces A$AP Ferg’s Removal From A$AP Mob; Fans React On Twitter
A$AP Bari Announces A$AP Ferg’s Removal From A$AP Mob; Fans React On Twitter (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

A$AP Mob, that first gained fame in 2006, is in the news for some not so good reason. The hip-hop collective was formed by late A$AP Yams along with A$AP Bari, A$AP Kham, and A$AP Illz, Now. A$AP Bari has announced that member A$AP Ferg is no longer part of the crew. This took place after A$AP Illz slammed him on Instagram.

A$AP Illz wrote in his story, “Ferg aint A$AP NO MORE sorry guys. That n**** burnt out, songs dumb trash mr anthem cant get right.” Text on his second-story read, “Damn right I ain’t no yes man nut n****a don’t respect that sh*t. y’all rather have a n**** who’s not even half way on my level around just cause he a Yes man and do Whatever you want at the snap of your fingers sh*t goofy.”

After he posted this news to his story, A$AP Illz shared a screenshot of Ferg texting him, requesting that they speak about the issue on the phone. Check out the screenshots here:

Reacting to the news, many fans took to Twitter and expressed their opinions on the matter. One user stated, “A$AP bari? Who? He never charted. A$AP Ferg has done more than him!” Another fan wrote, “This is like someone from the Cleveland Cavilers saying Lebron is no longer a Cav, thinking it’s an insult”

Another fan tweeted. “No matter how trash you think his music is, it’s known. Name me one Bari or Illz song that even made it to the YouTube featured Music page”

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