Do Hindi films, duly censored in India, have to be censored again for release in the Overseas circuit?

Yes, the films have to be censored in each country except the USA. In other words, censorship is a must in the UK, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, Canada etc. but not in the USA.

Is it right to say that most of the corporates in the film industry are bleeding?

No, that’s a wrong statement to make. All the corporates are bleeding, not most of them! And that’s because the corporates have either over-traded or invested hugely wrong amounts of money in films, directors, stars and technicians.

Why does the industry keep blaming the stars for over-charging when it is actually the producers who literally force them to sign films for obscenely high remunerations?

Producers may offer and pay obscenely high amounts to stars but it is also the duty and responsibility of the stars to ensure that nobody loses money in the films they sign. That is why, the blame also lies on the stars who over-charge.

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