Exactly a year after ‘Singham‘ arrives ‘Bol Bachchan‘ which brings Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty together again. An annual fixture for the duo which has time and again paid dividends, yet another success is pretty much on the cards. However one has to add that the film, for which the promotion started on a very promising note 6-7 weeks ago, had its newer set of promos as plain average. Though that should not make a very huge difference to the film’s fortunes, one does feel that records won’t really be broken here.

Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan In Bol Bachchan Movie
Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan In Bol Bachchan Movie

Nevertheless, ‘Bol Bachchan‘ should open better than ‘Singham‘ as well as ‘Golmaal 3 ‘, both of which managed to do exceedingly well due to sustained word of mouth and entered the 100 crore club. This means that while opening in the range of 60%-70% is pretty much on the cards, it would be a stretch for the film to see a 50 crore opening weekend. As of now, the first three days should see over 40 crores being accumulated which should still be a good result for this ‘Golmaal‘ remake that has Abhishek Bachchan in a pivotal role. However it would be interesting to see if the film indeed goes on to enter the 100 crore club.

If at all that happens, there are quite a few accomplishments in the making. Ajay Devgn would become the only actor other than Salman Khan to have three 100 crore hits. Asin would have four to her name, hence coming neck to neck with Kareena Kapoor. Rohit Shetty would become the only director to not just top the game with three centuries but even score a hat trick. Meanwhile Abhishek would not just enter the elusive club but also score a hit after a long time.

Meanwhile, ‘3 Bachelors‘ is also finally releasing. The Sharman Joshi starrer was supposed to be released last week but it was pushed ahead. However, after a 10 year delay, this one week postponement would also make no difference to the film’s fortunes which are anyways staring down the bottom of the barrel.

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  1. Guidelines to Judge Bol Bachchan’s performance at BO.

    What not to do:
    1. Don’t compare its performance against of a typical Bachchan disaster. Remember, this is an Ajay Degan / Rohit Shetty movie, not a Bachchan movie.
    2. Don’t compare it with a limited appeal genre movie like Shanghai or Kahani. This is a full on mainstream mindless comedy/action movie, not a niche film.

    What to do:
    1. Compare it with Houseful 2 and or Rowdy Rathore or Bodyguard etc. This is a no compromise mass entertainer and hence its performance should be measured against similar movies.
    2. Note for a long time Bachchanistas have said that unless a movie betters the highest raking movie, it has failed. Even if it comes a close second it will be considered a failure. For long Bachchanistas have ignored even genre difference and have compared SRK movies against the highest raking movie (regardless of the apples Vs orange comparison factor). Hence at the very least we want to see Bol Bachchan beat the high water mark set by Gol Maal Series (and Rowdy Rahtore and Singham etc).

    If Bol Bachchan does not better other Ajay Devgan / Rohit Shetty movies than it is entirely due to Abshishek Bachchan’s association.

    Finally remember whatever Bol Bachchan does it is entirely due to Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty. No one in recent time has shown any inclination to see a Bachchan movie regardless of genre

  2. its an complete entertainment movie.abhishek at his best and what can i say about ajay, for me he and amir are two most versatile actor of current generation.full paisa wasool movie.

  3. singham never crossed the 100 core mark. it collected 97.87 crore. i got info from boxofficeday.com and boxofficeindia.com. if this movie crosses the 100 crore then this will be ajay’s 2nd movie crossing 100 crore not 3rd.

  4. ye ajay devgan he sala film bhi ek hi admi ke sath karta he kyun ki isko dar he ke rohit ke sath mene itni film ki he ki sare hit hui he agar nahi kiya toh mera cariar ka kya hoga isiliye isne ye film ki agar rohit ki alawa aur director ke sath ki hui har mubhi super duper flop he jaise hal me rilies huwa tej.hahaha darpok he ajay

    • tu ajay devgan k bare mein kya janta hey.film rohit ajay k sath banata he naki ajay rohit k saath. u dont know abt ajay and rohits relation n dont know abt rohit setyys past.watch ajay ka all movie u will know ajay better.bakwas comet mat de…..

  5. Ajay & Rohit proven that, they can show us much- better- best comeo movie. Full Dhamaal movie, must watch with family.

  6. ajay dada ki parsnalitiy par hi pic hit ho jaati he to story ki kaya baat bol bachchan is hit movie 5/5stare milne hi chahiye to salman kaya chij he

  7. Ajay devgn bahut hi good actor hai ham sab ke liye,tabhi to jaake uska first film …full aur kaante….super hits saabit hui thi…aur janha aaplog salmaan ki baat kar rahe hai to maine uska koi film hi nahi dekhi hai..kaahe ki wo to idd jaisi badi tehwaar me hi film relise karte hai…uske baad hi hits hoti hai salman ki film, salu bhaiya ek bar soche the ki mai bhi ajay devgn ka jaisa bina kisi tehwaar ka apna film rilise karunga, aur kiya bhi lekin big floooof kar gaya, jaise ki veer…ajay is hendsome and good actor.


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