Despite facing vandalism PK is continuing to mint huge collections at Box Office with lightening speed. The movie has been setting a benchmark by breaking and making several records worldwide with a fast pace. Continuing its run in the third week, will it be an obstacle to Arjun Kapoor’s Tevar? Here is what the exhibitors have to say…

'PK' and 'Tevar' movie posters
‘PK’ and ‘Tevar’ movie posters

Prashant Solanki (General Manager, Cine Park Cinemas Pvt Ltd, Valsad)
No, Tevar will not be affected in any way; in terms of collections as well as shows. PK has done its business in 3 weeks. Masses are eagerly awaiting the release of Tevar. After Action Jackson, Tevar is the film for masses.

Akshaye Rathi (Film Exhibitor and Distributor, Mumbai)
PK is sustaining fabulously at the single screens and multiplexes alike, but it will be 3 weeks of its run before Tevar hits the cinemas. With the backing of a studio like Eros, I’m sure Tevar won’t have any problems getting optimum screens and shows. With regards to the audience, I am sure everybody who wants to watch PK has watched it during these 3 weeks, not just once, but even multiple times and so, Tevar won’t have any problem in its run at the box office.

Tarun Tandon (M.D, Indra Films, Nizam and Andhra)
I think PK has done wonders and has got an excellent run for 3 weeks with literally no release and has touched the 300 crore mark. So after this kind of a dream run at the box office the movie will be in its 4th week now. And Tevar is a movie with a totally different
subject, which will be a typical masala Bollywood action entertainer. So I really don’t see any reasons for Tevar to be affected due to PK’s run. It will take an opening of its own and is looking good.

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