I was left spell bound and awed by Vikamaditya Motwane’s Lootera. The film in its minimal dialogues eloquently placed itself as nothing short of being a pristine masterpieces. The ambiance and the temper, the setting and mostly the flavor of O.Henry’s soul, Vikramaditya Motwane encapsulated it all in a piece that stretches for a little over two and half hours. However, while I seem to be engrossed in latching on to every detail of the film, there were people beside me getting terribly bored, passing crude comments.


It isn’t hard to realize that a film which recreates the 1950s will bore the audiences today. Bollywood is known for its loud set up and ornate frame, whereas Lootera is not stylish or sleek. The beauty of Lootera is in its simplicity, its charm is in its old worldly demeanor. Being constantly bombarded by films like Dabangg or any such film that signifies mass appeal. If you don’t have the mentality for receiving classics, chances are you’ll come back thoroughly bored.

Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha In Lootera Movie Stills
Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha In Lootera Movie Stills

I won’t be surprised if the other release this week, Sanjay Dutt’s Policegiri turns out to be more celebrated in terms of Box-office numbers. It is difficult for a film like Lootera to perform well commercially. It has a premise which won’t appeal all. In India, cinema is an escape from our personal tragedies and drudgery, paying a price to see a more grand scale version of the same is not really our idea of Cinema.

This is the prime reason why I believe it will be hard for Lootera to strike a positive chord with all. Art films don’t really have an elaborate market in India and Motwane’s replication of the same genre despite high star value can expect a 100 crore at the box office.

The film will be a hit with the intelligentsia but the masses who prefer watching mind blowing action will find the snail pace deterring, the climax absurd. Melodrama and overdramatism is standard Bollywood idea of a blockbuster. lacking in any one of the afore mentioned elements is deterring for the film’s growth at the box office.

I wish we improved our palette and received such rare films will greater zest and warmth. I ensure you the film is a must watch, if cinema and art is what you love. But knowing the vein of our masses, commercial success is not what is Lootera‘s motive. It is critical acclaim and having witnessed the poignancy and beauty of the film first hand, I assure you the film won’t be anything near the 100 crore triumph mark but will still linger on as a classic that will people will reminisce about as one of the most eminent works of Bollywood this decade.




  1. see plattering mouth for something is only a waste of time whether i will be hit or miss it depend on the release date… so critics only predict the movie… they cannot make future of films… so dnt believe them go and enjoy the movie……… coz if u like the movie nobody can surpass ur liking


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