As reported earlier, the first day collections of Shah Rukh Khan starrer Don 2 were Rs. 15 crore (all-India net). Here’s the detailed break down of the same from different circuits:

Don 2 Day 1 Collections: Hindi Version

Shah Rukh Khan In Don 2
Shah Rukh Khan In Don 2


‎​​Bombay: Rs. 4.82 crore

Delhi: Rs. 2.75 crore

East Punjab: Rs. 1.18 crore

Mysore: Rs. 1.02 crore

Bengal:  Rs. 90 lakh

Nizam: Rs. 1 crore

Tamil Nadu – Karnataka: Rs. 43 lakh

C.P. Berar: Rs. 60 lakh

C.I.: Rs. 51 lakh

Rajasthan: Rs. 85 lakh

Bihar: Rs. 36 lakh

Assam: Rs. 16 lakh

Orissa: Rs. 14 lakh

Nepal: Rs. 05 lakh

Total for Hindi version: Rs. 14.77 crore


Telugu version: Rs. 43 lakh

Tamil version: Rs.10 lakh

Grand Total: Rs. 15.30 crore


This is the highest first day collection ever on a non-holiday Friday.




  1. Don2 Will Definitely break bodyguard’s record
    Don 2 is the most standard movie of india & has nothing senseless things like masla lfilms ike dabangg,bodygurard,ready & then also its a great entertainer……it could not beat BG bcoz of loss of promotion & a big section of masses like typical senseless cinema they can’t take this hollywood level film with great script…..but soemeone has to take it forward,so SRK has taken the initiatve to change the standards of indian cinema & he is successful to a great extent……

    • Now its clear that DOG2 errr…. Don2 can’t impress the core audience of Hindi cinema, thats why u are started bashing Salman Khan? People are not interested in DOG2 oopssss… Don2 after they were cheated by Ra.One.;. what is Salman or his film’s mistake? why u are barking against him??? Mass audience who earn their own money by their hard work and this time they are not intersted to watch the monkey act of SRK in his crap film Dog2 and waste their harden earned money, but the urban kids who love to waste their fathers money.. they don’t care the films content (copied from many hollywood films) or the monkey act of SRK.. they just wasting their money for the sake of ‘Time Pass’ in this festive season. you are talking about the masses disliking your so called hollywood type film Dog2? u stupid.. don’t u see that people don’t even know what content Don2 has and without knowing the content they are not even interested to watch this nonsense film thats why they are not even going to cinema halls, they dont wanna feel embarrace again like Ra.One’s period.. which was full of porno scenes like grabbing heroine’s breast, using slung and abusive dialogues like condom-condom, iski lee, uski lee, sabki lee, teri maa ki…, teri behen ki.., power yoga etc.. and alkso the stupid scense like breaking VT railway station by a train which was going towards the oposite direction of VT station, or Azad maidan’s sudden change to virtual world, or a silly story of a video game character coming in to life. u are so fustrated u don’t even know what u are writing… LoL at the starting of your comment u said ‘Don2 Will Definitely break Bodyguard’s record’ but again in the middle of your comment u took a ‘U’ turn and said ‘it could not beat BG bcoz of loss of promotion’.. LoL you just proving your stupidity and showing your fustration.. chill buddy.. Salman didn’t even have time to promote BODYGUARD, he completed the film just 1 week before it’s release and at the time of release he was hospitalized in USA, so no chance for promoting BODYGUARD but without promotion see the result… can u imagine if he would promote at least 1 month?? not like SRK… 6 months promotion but result= pathetic. Film business is to entertain the audience and the actor should chose those films which he feels that the audience will love; and if u make films that audience don’t like, your films will be flops and slowly and gradually u will be faded out from the business as the producers/directors will stop offering u films because they don’t wanna lose their money by making flop films. And Salman Khan understood the pulse of the audience thats why he is making such entertaining films which are loved full heartedly by the majority of audience, just think… Salman’s films were not doing well in 2006 and 2008 and SRK’s films were doing very well, how? That time Salman was making non-entertaining films thats why people were rejecting his films but from 2009 he regained his Mega Stardom by touching people’s heart and by knowing theeir pulse, how suddenly Salman got this huge audience for his films?? He definitely took many SRK fans to his belt by his rocking entertaing films and his extra-vaganza performances in those films, thats how he increased his fan following. READY was a superb comdey film with clean family drama, Bodyguard was an amazing love story with great action scenes, mind-blowing comic sequences and outstanding climax twist and also was a clean family watchable film without vulgarity or sex scenes or abusive dialogues; and DABANG was the best entertainer in this decade so far and the proof is The National Award the film won and became The Best Film in every award function. So, stop barking on Salman and his films just because your favourite star’s film is not working well… watch your star’s film as much as possible in theatre and make it bigger hit, don’t show your fustration by abusing and barking on other actor, just enjoy your star’s films, no need to bark, ok.

      • Ready was a superb comedy film clean family drama..wake up DOG..oops Sanjay..the movie was full of double entrides..n do remember that Ready n Bodyguard were remakes of SUPERHITS south movies!!! As you say stop barking n do some proper research..IDIOT!!!

        • You Dog… oopsss Prem. I know better than you that READY and BODYGUARD were remake of South Hits, but with many changes and BODYGUARD has the original director too not like Devdas and Don remake in same Hindi Language remake again in Hindi.. with same songs, same dialogues (Before 28 years.. Don ki talaash 11 mulko ke police kar rahe thay and after 28 years bhi same 11 mulko ke police… LoL) at least READY and BODYGUARD were unknown to Hindi audience and were new for them. And if the audiences like those All TIME BLOCKBUSTER remakes… what the hell is your problem? Let the people enjoy as per their choice, don’t u dog dare to decide to chose films which other people should watch or not. Its none of your freakin business. Alas, from my above writing you couldn’t understand the research power I have; But its not new thing, I met many stupid SRK fans like you earlier too. In READY, at least the double meaning dialogues were indirect and can’t be understood by kids, only mature people could understand.. so that was decent comedy. But in Ra.One everything was direct… abusing, grabbing breast, condom-condom, power yoga, a widow’s cleavage revealing dresses, maa ki…, behen ki…, iski lee, uski lee, sabki lee, grabbing the balls of Arjun Rampal etc..!! U moron.. u do some research and u will find SRK did these type of porno films earlier as well.. like he was seen fondling Deepa Shahi’s naked breasts in the film ‘Maya Memsaab’, promoting gayism in KHNH, doing sex scene in KANK etc.. SRK doesn’t even care to pass adult dialogues in award functions too. Again I am saying… enjoy your favourite star’s film and don’t bark on others. Chill.

  2. Salman is a great star but he can’t make good content & t the same time entertaining films like SRK bcoz he has zero knowledge of filmmaking & how to choose a script….

    • Salman has zero knwoledge about film making? And u have full knowledge?? u ridiculous moron! Salman has zero knowledge thats why he has the record number of 5 ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER films (MPK, HAHK, DABANGG, READY BODYGUARD)… and 2nd actor to him has 3 ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER films (Aamir Khan is 2nd with Raja Hindustani, Ghajini and 3 idiots). Salman has zero filmmaking knowledge thats why he has been successfully ruling Bollywood for 23 years (since 1989) and enjoying a super rocking career, Salman has zero knowledge about film making thats why public loves his films the most and dying to watch his films, eagerly waiting for his films; Salman has zero knowledge thats why no other actor can beat him in box office; Salman has zero knowledge abot filmmaking thats why the film makers offer him the biggest payment and he getts Rs.30-50 Cr per film which is 5 times bigger han the 2nd most expensive actor in Bollywood; Salman has zero knowledge about filmmaking thats why in Televeision also he is most loved host and gets rs.4 Cr per episode which is 4 times bigger than his next host. Salman doesn’t know how to chose script thats why his chosen script DABANGG got prestigeous National Award and became The Best Film in every other award ceremony.

      • Hahahah…Dude The National Award that u r talking about Was already presented to SRK in 2002 for Devdas….Check Ur Knowledge….and as far as Padmashree …It is Padmashri Shah Rukh Khan…another national honour….which salman cant get….cuz he was termed to jail and has 4-5 FIRs against him …!!

        • Hahahahaha LoL… u SRK fans are impossible and liars.. LoL!!! SRK and National Award??? hahahahah… LoL.. in SRK’s dream also he couldn’t win any National Award.. who will give this copy-cat National Award? He only knows to purchase cheap awards given by some magazines, TV channels and Gutha Companies like Manikchand. When Saif got National Award for HumTum.. SRK was fighting and crying so loudly and so shamelessly because he was hoping to win National Award for Swades.. and nobody gives National Award for a remake film.. Devdas was a Hindi remake of a Hindi film.. LoL and kicked out from the 1st round of Oscar.. LoL! Aamir Khan, Ajay Devn are great actors and they won National Awards and both of them are my favourites, i am not a great fan of Salman but he is also a superb entertaining actor thats why his film Dabangg got National Award. SRK won Padamshree but check in google to find that Salman Khan won ‘Pride of the nation’ award on 17th January’2010; and UAE govt. honoured him as the Chief Guest at their National Day Celebration in 2010, usually a country invites another country’s President/PM or King to National Day but Salman got this honour because of his charity and kind bigheartedness and also he is the most popular indian actor in the middle-east.. which is really great.

          • i think ur mama was the salesgirl for this award..ha ha ha..but i”m not surE if she did sell her front or back..oops i mean front of the desk or back…HA HA HA…

        • Aamir Khan won 2 National Awards and also won 3rd highest civilian award Padma Bhsuhan.. and SRK won 4th highest civilian award Padmashree and no national award, so without any argument.. Aamir Khan is the superior actor than SRK and Salman as per talent and potential.

  3. Salman is a great star??

    What happened to sallu when he made original work like VEER? why did the movie FLOP?

    Sallu is overrated star. He is hot right now & complete flop 3 yrs ago.

    He is learned hard to play it very safe. But making regional blockbuster remakes after remakes after remakes. It will guarantee him 100+crores because it has proven blockbuster alread in tamil & telugu

    SRK takes risks like MNIK, Chak De, RaOne & now Don-2 be it natural acting (Chak De, MNIK, Swades) or highly stylized acting (Baazigar, Darr, Don, Don-2, Devdas)

    SRK is the ultimate actor-superstar & only real superstar-actor who is internationally recognized & famous.

    aamir, Sallu cannot even hold the candle to SRK.

    • I already told Veer was not very badly flopped it was an average affair. But what happened when salman did an original script’s film DABANGG?? The result u know.. Record breaking…., history creating…., earth-shattering… ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER!!! And now Tollywood (Telugu film industry) and Kollywood (Tamil film industry) are remaking this great film which won the presitigious NATIONAL AWARD and won ‘The Best Film’ award in every award ceremony. Nobody in INDIA is more stylish than Salman Khan and he is often regarded as The Style Icon of Asia; his super stylish film Hum aapke Hai Koun’ opened the door of bollywood in foreign countries and his popularity reached every where in the world that even a Hollywood film maker made a Hollywood film with him thus he became the 1st and only Indian actor who did a Hollywood film as the main/lead actor, so better u don’t talk about stylish acting.. because he is so stylish and adorable that even hollywood actors Richard Gere, Mila Jovovich, Kim Kardashian, Ali Larter and Salma Hayek said they want to work with Salman Khan. SRK has more fans in overseas but only among NRIs, Pakis and Bangladeshis but Salman has less overseas fans but his fans are amongst foreign people and hollywood actors.. check SRK friend Kabeer Khan’s interview in youtube to find how Salman is populari amongst the foreign (Whites/Blacks/Turkish and Arab) people. Salman at least made remake of other languages films in Hindi which unknown to Hindi audience and were new to them. But the shameless SRK made Hindi films (Devdas and Don) remame again in Hindi… LoL!! And in Don… he copied even the same dialogues and songs.. so pathetic and shameless. But I have no problem with SRK doing those films, if u like his films thats your choice, watch SRK’s films as much as possible but please don’t bark and show your fustration on other actors if SRK films don’t do well at Box office, You enjoy your favourite actor’s films and let us enjoy our fvourite actor’s films, simple.


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