Satyagraha has done decent business at the box office. After a good weekend, it hung on through the weekdays and brought home more moolah. In the process, it managed to cross the 50 crore mark and also managed to surpass the 54 crore first week total of Raajneeti. Standing at 55 crore, the film has now enjoyed the highest ever opening week collections for a Prakash Jha film.

Satyagraha And Raajneeti Movie Poster
Satyagraha And Raajneeti Movie Poster


A lot has been said and written about the budget of the film with some obscenely high numbers being thrown around. However, the production cost here is in the range of 50-55 crore (excluding the print & publicity cost) which means eventually this multi-starrer is a plus outing for all involved. Of course no one was expecting Satyagraha to be a 100 crore affair, considering the fact that till date only one non-masala film, Barfi!, has managed this feat.

Yes, expectations had gone further up due to good escalation in footfalls over the weekend, all thanks to some intensive and sustained marketing and promotion. Though there wasn’t a revolution in the offering, the film hung on at select centres, especially multiplexes, which resulted in over 3 crores coming in every day. However, with two major films releasing every week now, it would be interesting to see the kind of distance that it would eventually cover.

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  1. “Till date only one non-masala film, Barfi!, has managed this feat” What rubbish is this???
    What about JTHJ, DON2, 3IDIOTS, BMB, YJHD???
    Satyagraha must be a loss making venture atleast for some distributors. Why are you making an effort to make a flop movie a hit one.

    • Mr. An Indian connot dislike a film portraying todays India . and the youth like you wants to shout against corruption with one hand in romance . bas romance hi toe chahiyae tum sab ko . tabhi toe India ka yeh haal hua hai.

      • This movie is not portraying todays India; it is to earn money by taking the advantage of today’s scenario. Where are these actors when Anna Hazare was fasting???? India ka haal aisa isliye hua hai bcoz every one is misplacing the facts for their personal benefits. This article is completely lying saying Barfi is the only non-masala movie crossing 100cr. You cant built a country by watching a movie MADE FOR COMMERICAL PURPOSE or an article spreading wrong facts….

    • those films you mentioned are full of singing and dancing and some with fights. barfi is the only films with less masala elements. with no dance, fights or neither lip-synching.


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