Now this has turned out to be truly disheartening. Even though the start that Tubelight fetched didn’t quite get into the record books, one just thought that there may be some turnaround in numbers on Day Two. After all, this falls in the middle of the four day long weekend and hence audience footfalls could have gone to the next level. None of that happened though as the Salman Khan starrer could fetch only 21.17 crore on Saturday. Compare this with 21.15 crore that the film gathered on Friday and one can pretty much see that the word of mouth is definitely not the kind that places the film on a higher pedestal.

Tubelight doesn't grow on Saturday
Tubelight doesn’t grow on Saturday

With 42.32 crore under its belt, the film is now comparable to what Baahubali 2 [Hindi] did on its very first day [41 crore]. This is not to compare the content or the mass pull that the two films enjoyed but the fact that there is a capacity available out there and it is only around 50% of this capacity which has stepped in for the Kabir Khan directed film in its first couple of days.

That said, Tubelight would still end up finding at the top of the heap when it comes to the Bollywood releases of 2017 so far. Raees has seen the biggest opening weekend of the year [59.83 crore] and Tubelight should manage to top it well by going past the 60 crore mark. However that’s the kind of number that the film was expected to gain in its first two days.

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There are still a couple of major days ahead for Tubelight on which it can earn big – today and tomorrow, which is the big Eid holiday. There could well have been massive footfalls on the anvil had the audience word of mouth and critic response been out and out positive. However since that hasn’t quite happened, it would be one major challenge for the film to see 50% odd jump which is needed for Tubelight to quickly go past the 100 crore mark.

It is going to be a wait and watch scenario for the film till Monday before the final verdict is ready to be announced.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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