Salman Khan‘s Ready has taken a phenomenal opening at the box-office. Read our first report here.

Box-Office Update

Ready Madness Continues: Update 2Top 3 multiplex in Bhavnagar had originally planned to show Ready in two screens today (3rd June). But looking to the massive rush, the film had to be screened in all the five auditoria in the multiplex. And believe it or not, the noon shows in all five auditoria were full.

In a small station of Maharashtra, Karad, Prabhat cinema decided to add 11 extra shows in the first weekend itself. The terrific opening response prompted the cinema to add the extra shows.

The public in Surat has gone bonkers over ‘Ready’. The number of shows at Fame multiplex Surat has been increased on Friday itself. So that there is no problem in managing so many shows, a third print has been dispatched to the multiplex, which will be used for this evening.

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