Akshay Kumar’s Gabbar Is Back has entered its 3rd Week run yesterday. After making a moolah of 79.50 crores in 14 days (2 Weeks), the film now has started showing a considerable drop in its business. Gabbar Is Back saw a huge dip in its collections yesterday. It made a business of 75 lakhs on its 3rd Friday, taking its 15 days nett India total to 80.25 crores at the Box Office.

Akshay Kumar in a still from 'Gabbar Is Back' movie poster
Akshay Kumar in a still from ‘Gabbar Is Back’ movie poster


The movie might now struggle to beat the year’s Highest Grosser – Baby, which is yet another Akshay Kumar film. It may end its lifetime run in the range of 85 to 87 crores.

None of Akki’s movie so far in 2015 could make it to the coveted 100 crore club. Will his August release Brothers be Akshay’s 1st 2015 movie to achieve the feat?

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  1. lol he not given any super hit since 2012 and some compare him with mighty khans.Akshay should be compare with arjun kapoor but even arjun kapoor had given 100cr.

  2. Gabbar is back is an excellent movie and had the potential to do a business of 200 crores to 250 crores. But it is all because of Superstar Akshay Kumar’s fault. In the last six months Akki was seen everywhere in a salt and pepper, greying hair, white beard look off screen at every function, public outing, screening music release, etc. He looks good as an old man too but, the Indian audiences will reject such an ageing star. Baby and now Gabbar is Back have done good business because of the story, editing and direction and word of mouth. Not because of Akshay Kumar, however good he was in the movie. I don’t understand why a handsome, fit and a young looking superstar like Akki would want to throw it all away by going ahead and donning the old man look. Akki is much fitter and younger looking than some of the new, young stars on the horizon. A lot of success of a superstar depends on how he presents himself.
    So why is he doing this? Does he not care for himself, his producers, his distributors, exhibitors, his financiers, the studios and above all fans like us who add to his success?
    Akshay Kumar is stupid to have done what he did. To be seen in as an old man. Now the audiences have a perception of him as an old haggard man. Not the stud that was Superstar Akshay Kumar. That is the reason that Baby and Gabbar is Back could not bring in the desired first weekend collection which the other young looking Khans, Roshans and Devgans bring in. Akshay Kumar himself has written the epitaph of his superstardom.
    Now he can never play a lover boy or a young man. He can never do a Namastee London2 or a Dhadkaan 2. Audiences will not accept him. It might be too late to change his looks and look younger. I am sure it would not be difficult for him at all , as he is one of our fit and young looking actors.
    But it could be too late as he was seen often for the last six months in the old and haggard, salt-and-pepper beard and grey hair look.

  3. Aamir, Superstar Akshay Kumar even with 4 releases. Most superstar have one release in a year or at most 2. Some do one film in two years like Aamir and Hritik. He releases his movies during IPL which most superstars don’t.He normally does not get a solo release mostly. His movies releases when there are other grosser s released in the last or forth coming weeks, and does not get a clean 3 weeks like most Khans. With all this he gets a successful record. Which is unimaginable. So please do not compare him with anybody. He is one of his kind. No one in the industry can match up to him now.


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